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Full Moon Gathering at Kolayat

The car bounced along the road and the landscape turned barren and dusty; I wondered what I was getting myself into. Always up for an adventure, I eagerly agreed to accompany my host into the Rajasthan desert for a special, annual full moon festival. 345 more words


Bhaag Daud (Race)

The doors open and you exit only to find others walking in the same direction. Some are running but most of them are rushing and wading their way through others. 173 more words

Murder over Chapatis

ghee, I think masala, it would tikka lot more than the shape of her chapatis – (that’s not a euphemism) – to drive most men to this extreme… 30 more words


Lipstick Wale Sapne.... A moment in my life

I went to watch Lipstick Under My Burkha (LUMB)

Before I tell you what the movie is about I would like to share my experience of going out to watch this movie. 719 more words

Night Lights

It is the full moon, and the clouds glide past overhead, buoyed by winter breeze. 46 more words


Indian Carving shows telescope was used 500 years before modern invention! Ancient Aliens in India?

I am at the Hoysaleswara temple in India, and here you can see a spectacular carving that debunks history. You can clearly see that this man is holding a telescope. 614 more words