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Ranjhaana : My Shortcut to Fantasies

I live in a fantasy world.

Day, night, at work, my home, when I am not doing something, when I am doing something. Fantasies are like my best friends :P… 268 more words


A thrilling journey through Kinnaur and Spiti - Part 1

A gentle introduction

After a highly enjoyable train ride, on the Kalka to Shimla toy train, I arrived in the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. I’ve got a message on my phone from Vodaphone: “Welcome to Himachal Pradesh, the land of gods, hope you have a comfortable and pleasant trip…” I thought it was a nice touch on their part. 1,239 more words


Patentability of Genes, Gene Sequencing & DNA based Primers

Patents have been granted in various biotechnology fields such as genetically engineered plants, human genetic sequencing, recombinant DNA molecule, diagnostic kits, stem cells, isolated nucleic acid encoding a gene and DNA related inventions such as preparing vectors, primers etc, but it was not the same before genetically engineered microorganism was granted a patent first. 1,492 more words

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Interpretation of Section 31 of Indian Patents Act, 1970

While the focus of the article is specifically on the interpretation of section 31, mentioning other relevant sections of the act and trying to understand the purpose of section 31 will help us interpret the section 31 correctly. 1,318 more words

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faces of Kathputli

Kathputli Colony is the world’s largest community of street performers and one of Delhi’s biggest slums. As you can imagine, taking a tour of the buildings was – for lack of a better word – an… 130 more words


In Their Hands - Artisans of India

After having spent many years of my life designing hand-woven fabrics in Mexico, Guatemala and India and having worked directly with the weavers, the artisans of the world hold a very special and dear place in my heart. 323 more words