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Why Do Some Roads Have White Markings While Others Have Yellow Ones? Here’s The Reason !

​In India, a lot of us never bother to care about the traffic rules because who gives a damn about road safety. For most of us, traffic rules begin and end at memorizing what those red, yellow and green lights are for.

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600 million people are now part of India's middle class—including your local carpenter

India’s middle class is growing. And how.

The new middle class—persons spending anywhere between $2 and $10 per capita per day—has doubled in size to 600 million people between 2004 and 2012, a study by two Mumbai university economists has found. 269 more words

Monsoon Saga Unfolds...

Downpour? Necessary Chaos? Avoidable

Beauty? Accidental

Photography? Optional

Sharing? Inevitable


Monsoon season won’t last… As the clouds do their job and the Government fails to do, we realize we are made of sterner stuff. 197 more words


Contrarian me

This is good for you…

You know what…

I think you should…

What I’d do if I were you…

Here’s what I suggest. ..

Don’t do this… 154 more words


Fat Neeti wasn't Ugly

I was fat and I did not like it. By the age of 8, I had been called almost all the names that overweight people have to bear – … 169 more words


Talking points from India's crushing Antigua victory

A look at the key takeaways from India’s innings victory + over a lacklustre West Indies at North Sound, Antigua.
Dominant start for Kohli-Kumble partnership… 1,009 more words


~ Pokemon Cult finally reached India!


Sorry fans! As if there is shortage of LOOOOSERS in town…now one more S**t…


Augmented Reality Games/Animation =  Rape of  Subconscious Mind = Robotization of  Human = No alertness = Not living in moment = Addiction = Can’t think Right or Wrong = anti-Yogic state of mind! 180 more words