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In photos: the quiet dignity of students at a school for the blind in Kolkata

For the nearly eight million visually-impaired Indians, life is a daily battle.

Adapted amenities remain few and far between even though the country is home to the world’s largest population of blind people,  197 more words


In 2012 BJP was in opposition and they opposed budget before elections of same five states ,which are going for elections now and budget was postponed ,same BJP is now opposing postponing budget as they are frauds ,they know that Indians are fools they will again announce nonsense like they promised about 14 lakhs during their election campaign, and people will again get trapped , BJP is actually playing most sick kind of politics ,from media to judiciary everything is hacked by them , if same supreme court had ordered to postpone budget in 2012 how could it deny now ,but it denied as its hacked by BJP , actually BJP is doing nothing good ,they are only spreading false news ,data and ordered media to telecast everything positive about them . 67 more words


Misleading government

Its been almost three years I have been listening ,India fastest growing economy ,GDP going great guns above 7.5% ,more than China .This is actually pure nonsense ,first of all GDP ,has nothing to do with growth of lifestyle ,country big as India and China ,huge population ,so its obvious that products and services would be more to meet demands of population ,so you are jumping in air about GDP .Government is actually fooling people giving wrong data, actually truth is far away from what govt is telling ,per capita income is much better yardstick to judge quality of life of citizens of a country , per capita income wise India is ranked at 126 even behind of Srilanka,Bhutan, Fiji, Congo ,India’s per capita income is 6658 PPP dollars per person approximately 550 dollars per month ,state of poverty is not hidden from anyone , 60% population doesn’t get two meals a day ,just by giving GDP you can’t fool people ,unfortunately social media and print media ,TV all are hacked by present govt ,they are only singing in tune with what govt is saying , actual situation of country is getting deteriorated ,only 1% of super rich are being benefitted , if things will be going this way ,I feel its not far that India will be in such pathetic state that unemployment and poverty will be prevalent and middle class will be most affected ,its time to wake up and vote out this fraud govt ,else people will repent only.


Taxi (mis)adventures

Our house in Bhopal is a good distance from the city, from both the old and newer parts of town. This has its drawbacks as well as advantages. 1,508 more words



अजब हो गया अब इश्क भी जनाब
शिरी के लिए पहाड़ का सीना चीर देता था फरहाद
अब न सुनने पर लड़का फेंक देता है लड़की पर तेजाब
कभी हुए थे हीर, राँझा
आज लड़की पीये दारू, लड़का चरस गाँजा
फिर नशे में करे प्यार
सुबह लड़की कहे, इसने किया मेरा बलात्कार
कभी महिवाल के लिए सोनी कच्चे घड़े पर गई तैर
आज लड़की की अश्लील फोटो फेसबुक पर डाल कर लड़का निकाल रहा वैर
अब प्यार का मतलब है मारना न कि मरना
छोड़ो रहने दो,हमें प्यार नहीं करना ।