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Microsoft's Satya Nadella is mighty impressed with India's "fantastic" entrepreneurs and startups

Satya Nadella has only good things to say about Indian startups and Bengaluru.

On Feb. 20, the India-born Nadella was on his maiden visit to the city as Microsoft CEO. 445 more words

Knowing Him

He is a good person by heart, that’s what I noticed first. During his first talks I could make out he doesn’t pretend to be someone who he isn’t. 359 more words


of gods and boxes

In India, most people worship idols.

This is, and should be, a little disconcerting if you come from the West, particularly if you come from the Judeo-Christian tradition that says there is only One God, and He doesn’t go in for that kind of stuff. 813 more words


Another indian experience

For my third trip in India, I wanted to explore the heart of the country, the rural part. Kolkata was the first stop on my way to Odisha and the base to reach the Sundarbans and Andaman Islands later on. 622 more words


Ever spotted a tiger in Corbett?

Have you?

I didn’t. Not sure if it is a totally disinterested set of safari guys who were responsible or the thick dense jungles. The tiger stayed elusive. 401 more words


The Remote Hardships!

Tourists often complain about the frequent power cuts that the valley faces. Electricity is a luxury at this place with major hotels compensating the deficit with generators. 250 more words


Uncensored Nationalism!

If you ever visit the Lady Monastery in Tawang you may come across a kid expressing gentle hospitality which per se is a trademark of almost all the locals here. 170 more words