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Devil Chutney

Following up on previous delicious chutneys, an Anglo-Indian condiment known by a few names: Devil Chutney, Hells Fire Chutney or Hells Flame Chutney.

The bright red colour of the chutney leads many people to think it is very hot. 46 more words


Varkala, Kerala

Varkala was a pleasant if lazy interlude, a few days of waking late, breakfasting on bread, jam and coffee and sauntering along the cliff top with no particular destination in mind. 324 more words


After struggling for 30mins he managed to pose. Pune Snake park, India


The guy selling these boxes was really an enthusiastic fellow pursued to be clicked but i was more in love with his little colorful boxes 6 more words


This was from a amusement park ..a chariot made of wood had this little rusted view of it 6 more words


While walking on the streets of Lonavala the fella got inquisitive about me and tried to smell the lens …and this is what i got…


This one was one of favorite picture from my friends wedding – what i really liked about it was the splash of yellow and very candid smile by soon to be married couple.