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India at 40 – my 1987 anniversary article

Nehru’s cry for “work and work and work”

“ ‘I want work and work and work. I want achievement. I want men who work as crusaders’, says a poster quoting an independence dream of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, above the dirty sluggish luggage conveyors at the unwelcoming Bombay airport”. 2,438 more words


Modi on a roll as he meets Donald Trump for the first time

Lines up economic and political successes at home

Trump tweets Modi is “a true friend”

Narendra Modi is on a roll. The Indian prime minister arrived in Washington last night (below) for his first meeting with Donald Trump that takes place tomorrow (June 26), after lining up two politically significant and headline catching political and economic successes in India. 1,297 more words