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Notes from Novice Eco Dyer

The experimenting has been going on for months, but I have found eco-dyeing to be quite a humbling process; just when I think I have nailed a process, the next lot of fabric comes out of the pot murky, dull or just plain awful! 439 more words


Shibusa: India Flint at the Onkaparinga Woollen Mills, Lobethal

India Flint is exhibiting at the historic Onkaparinga Woollen Mill in Lobethal (for those of you far away, this is a small town in the hills outside Adelaide).   686 more words

Natural Dyeing

Marigolds, Petunias and Coreopsis

As I weeded and mulched, I sent the boys off, first to pick our ripened cherry tommies, but then to pick marigolds, “20 blooms each please, of the golden orange and rusty red.” 499 more words


Dyes of Antiquity: Coral lichen and Sticta Colensi

Quite some time ago, I became the beneficiary of natural dyes that had been abandoned at, or gifted to, my Guild.  Among them were some very old looking bags of dried lichen.   330 more words

Natural Dyeing

#MenditMay: Loving up a lining

My generous friend India Flint gave me this coat. I would never have chosen it for myself, and if I had been the one to find it second hand, I would have been too scared to throw it in a dye pot.   431 more words

Natural Dyeing

Library Matters: Natural Dyes

Llandaff Library is rich with resources to support the exciting new CSAD natural dye garden project. To whet your appetite we’ve put a few of them  on display on the 2nd floor of the library. 149 more words