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Eco dyeing - Trial & Error (Mostly error)

It wasn’t until just a few months ago I came across an amazing textile artist known as India Flint. Never before had I heard of the concept of eco printing – yes, living in India and being in a college immersed in Indian handicrafts, I knew about natural dyeing – Indigo and madder and tamarind seeds – but this phenomenon left me awestruck. 226 more words

Eco Dyeing

my new jacket

A dear friend gifted this probably almost vintage Trent Nathan wool jacket, and boy what a challenge ! I had this gem in my  wardrobe for some time and alas I will need it as I am off to Melbourne and then out to Traralgon for a 3 day workshop with Cas Holmes ( I’m very excited ) The bundle was hard work but worth the arm / hand strain

Natural Dyeing

Windfall Scarf workshop with India Flint

I’ve just spent a lovely weekend rummaging around in hedges, picking up plants and leaves, but not for my usual food foraging, but for plant dyeing.   804 more words


Blankets Re-imagined

My dear friends were the ones paying close enough attention to realise that the launch of Blankets Re-Imagined was imminent. They also were the ones with the genius and generosity to organise a wonderful supper that must have made us the envy of most of the people who were there!  535 more words

Natural Dyeing

hapa-zome, a pound at a time

Hapa-zome or ‘leaf-dyeing’ is a technique where the natural pigments of plant specimens are transferred onto fabric/paper creating varied designs. I’d seen this in Michel Garcia’s… 366 more words

Talks + Workshops

for the solace project

friend Jadranka and I made a pennant each for India’s solace project, looking forward to seeing the pennants after an indigo dip and place upon the breeze…… and that all the words of hope and wisdom fill the air.

Natural Dyeing

In Situ Update

For those who wanted more when they read my recent post about going to In Situ at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, more is now available no matter where in the world you may be. 26 more words

Natural Dyeing