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More summer preserving

The harvest is continuing round our place.  One friend dropped a bag of figs and grapes on the front doorstep.  I took a bag of plums over to hers on a run! 315 more words

Natural Dyeing

joys of purple carrot

While the weather is hot I find it arduous to boil up a big pot. Simplifying things down to jar size has been fun. Purple carrot has become a bit of a star along with Coriopsis flowers. 241 more words

Natural Dyeing

Spring Sewing Circle 3

This time: garment construction.  It was a  sewing circle, after all!

To begin, for those who haven’t worked this out for themselves, let it be understood that I am a pretty plain sewer.  1,218 more words

Natural Dyeing

Spring Sewing Circle 2

This time, a little more about dyes and dyeing at the Spring Sewing Circle.  In the main street of Mansfield, there was a great two colour display of pansies.  473 more words

Natural Dyeing

Spring Sewing Circle 1

Ah, Mansfield.  I was privileged to go to India Flint’s Spring Sewing Circle in this lovely Victorian town not so long ago.  I have been itching to write about it–but overcome by my day job.  578 more words

Natural Dyeing

Eco dyeing - Trial & Error (Mostly error)

It wasn’t until just a few months ago I came across an amazing textile artist known as India Flint. Never before had I heard of the concept of eco printing – yes, living in India and being in a college immersed in Indian handicrafts, I knew about natural dyeing – Indigo and madder and tamarind seeds – but this phenomenon left me awestruck. 226 more words

Eco Dyeing

my new jacket

A dear friend gifted this probably almost vintage Trent Nathan wool jacket, and boy what a challenge ! I had this gem in my  wardrobe for some time and alas I will need it as I am off to Melbourne and then out to Traralgon for a 3 day workshop with Cas Holmes ( I’m very excited ) The bundle was hard work but worth the arm / hand strain

Natural Dyeing