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India Venster with Mini-Me

It was time to do our annual ‘torture-my-daughter’ hike.  Once a year, I will take her on a route she hasn’t done before and this time I decided that I’m going to take her on her first scramble.  1,490 more words


The Return to Blinkwater Ravine

And this time, Hiker Paradise Adventure Club completed the route without incident!  Yay to us!!!

If you didn’t know, last year this happened https://myhikingmylife.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/blinkwater-ravine-turned-rescue-mission/

We were meant to redo this hike as soon as Rashaad’s shoulder was healed but everything at its own time and today was the day.  1,236 more words

Doing it for the kids – An Outreach Hike

About a week ago, a friend asked if I or anyone I know will be able to take some underprivileged school kids on a hike and as it planned for a Saturday, I could not assist (my kids have karate) so asked in my hiking club chat and Shaheen volunteered.  1,013 more words