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SCURT/2: Sarapova, amendata penal, afla joi daca nu va fi mai rau; dezertari in canotaj?; mai putini capi de serie in Marele Slem; modificari la rugby; program tv 22.11.

* Maria Sarapova a fost amendata penal, pentru inselaciune, in India, pedeapsa fiind deocamdata data de politia din New Delhi, insa urmeaza instanta, care se pronunta joi, fiind singurul organism din aceasta tara care poate sanctiona cu inchisoarea. 605 more words

Dowry: A Plague In Indian Society.

What is Dowry?

Dowry is a money or gift given to a daughter by her parents at the time of her marriage.

As the title of the article speaks for itself, dowry is like a never-ending plague in Indian society. 873 more words

Kashmir – The Independence Movement Much More Dangerous Than Catalonia’s

At the moment everyone is pitching in on the situation in Catalonia as the real story. Having held a referendum on independence, in defiance of the Spanish constitution, the Catalan regional parliament must have expected Madrid to defend that constitution by not recognising the result, re-imposing direct rule to prevent it being enacted and jailing people who advocated doing so. 2,331 more words


Israel’s Military Expenditures and Military Industrial Complex – Overview and Dynamics

Over the course of decades, the US and Israel have maintained close bilateral relations based on long-term, stable pro-Israel US policies. Traditionally they have rendered strong support to Israel, since the two countries are allies, have shared strategic interests in the Middle East (concern with Iran, Assad regime in Syria, and Islamic extremism), and adherence to a shared definition of democratic values. 5,270 more words


Miss Word 2017 is Miss India

Dear Manushi,

No wonder you managed to create history by bringing the Miss World title back to India after a draught of 17 long years. Heartiest congratulations to you! 245 more words

China’s bid to encircle India backfires

The geostrategic scenario in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is changing fast and a new power configuration is in the making to contain and counter the rising threat from an aggressive China. 950 more words


Just Friends

How often in life do we assemblage,

Who thought we would be such perfect conflate,

Life pretended to be such an unaware mess,

You were just a mere stranger, 102 more words