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Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie

Writing this blog post feels particularly satisfying because I have been struggling with this book for months. It has put me significantly behind my Goodreads reading challenge, it has plagued me with guilty stares every time I’ve got on the train and picked up the Evening Standard instead of opening it up, and it has bothered me that I have found it so difficult when it has such a great reputation and when many parts of it were, in fact, quite enjoyable. 1,298 more words


Where have the industrial buyers gone?

Continuing my recent trend on emphasising a need to restructure the electricity tariff structures in this post I present the case of missing industrial consumers. 475 more words


PhD Studentships, Monsoon Assemblages


Four-year PhD Studentships

Location: University of Westminster

Deadline: 26th August 2016

Two x four-year, full time PhD studentships in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment as part of ERC grant funded project Monsoon Assemblages. 252 more words

Torn Shoe - A messed up interview (Part 1/4)

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“Yes, I am standing right in front of the café” She half shouted to be heard in the noise of the traffic. 541 more words



there’s this assumption that Some Guy™ (max müller) made ages ago that the aryans arrived in india in 1500 BCE, based on his assumption that up until that point india was all unlivable floodplain (which, like, he was obviously TOTALLY WRONG, since again, flourishing life staring 10,000 years ago, so why this is ACCEPTED HISTORICAL FACT I have NO IDEA, it’s so unsupported and may be based in BIBLICAL MYTH what with “FLOODING”) 349 more words

2013 Fall

okay but I think it’s really cool that the people of the indus valley placed no value in the afterlife and either buried their dead in shallow+unadorned graves or cremated them… 68 more words

2013 Fall

weird/neat history stuff of the night

  • the ancient people of the indus valley mass-produced one-use clay cups. the plastic red cup had a predecessor in fucking 3000 BC…
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2013 Fall