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There is a famous saying, ” All countries in the world has an Army, but in the case of Pakistan; The Army has a country” 1,152 more words

Stop Islamic Fundamentalist And Stop Islamic Radicalisation

Your PS4 got nothing on my frisbee!

I am thankful that my childhood was spent with books and real sports. You know the outdoor kind where you might come home every single day with a new scrape. 714 more words

Apple Music costs just $2 per month in India, 80% cheaper than the U.S.

”Apple tends to not care much about price competitiveness,” Josh Horwitz reports for Quartz. “Without telco subsidies, which typically occur only in rich countries, consumers looking to buy an iPhone 6 in Asia will have to shell out as much as $600.” 141 more words


Sajjad Lone

If there is a remotest doubt that something is going to put in jeopardy the life of ordinary citizens, the government must act. Even, if it means putting somebody under house arrest. 42 more words


The Drone Index: Rustom II

Many countries today are pursuing their own indigenous drone programs, with mixed results. But the jury is still out on the Rustom, a series of UAVs developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for the Indian military. 437 more words


India's "Global Power" aspiration: Technology is India's Achilles Heel

Yes I said “Global Power” & not “Super-Power” as the terminology seems to go! So I was having this discussion with a friend from Afghanistan. When I said that “as India’s might grows, her patience with Pakistan diminishes” & that we seek Afghan support, my feisty Afghan friend pointed to me that had they had half the strength of India, they’d have taken care of the problem. 1,228 more words

Current Affairs

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Seek and you shall find !

On a recent trip to Patan (Gujarat) , I was feeling under the weather and even though the heritage sites and monuments enthralled me , it felt like something was amiss. 45 more words