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‘We’re NOT on Treaty Land’

Radio interview with one of the few sensible voices on this topic:

“Retired Judge Brian Giesbrecht explodes the myth that we are all living on “treaty land” as per fashionable pronouncements prior to hockey games and assorted public events. 130 more words

Aboriginal Narrative

AFN summit to examine whether government has their best interests at heart

A two-day gathering of the Assembly of First Nations is taking a hard look at the governing Liberals to decide whether the best interests of Canada’s First Nations are truly represented. 170 more words


'It made me feel fear and anger': Ontario's Regional Chief reflects on his first brush with racism

Ontario’s Regional Chief Isadore Day was in Grade 2 when a group of children called him a “wagon burner.”

At first, the words confused him, but he quickly realized the name reminded him of something he had once seen in a western movie: First Nations people causing chaos, acting violent, and setting fire to wagons. 723 more words


‘Offended By The Truth’

The “unacceptable and culturally insensitive language” used in this story is actually — and unfortunately – still the correct legal terminology. Because the Aboriginal Industry, including the Chiefs, wants to maintain the segregation of aboriginals for their own benefit — even while playing victim — we continue to have the ‘Indian Act’, and ‘Indian’ in our Constitution… 702 more words


ANALYSIS: On Crown-Indigenous relations, Trudeau's 'lofty commitments' run into reality

It was the best of the Trudeau government.

It was the worst of the Trudeau government.

The week’s news in Crown-Indigenous relations has been a remarkable and busy one but it’s also been one which put on display all those things that fans of the Trudeau government love about the Trudeau government while simultaneously shining a light on the most frustrating aspects of the 27-month-old Liberal government. 1,682 more words


Indigenous leaders question Quebec's commitment to feds' new framework

First Nations leaders are welcoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s pledge to revamp the federal government’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples, but some Quebec chiefs fear their province’s obstructionist approach to self-determination could hinder the process. 441 more words