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Indian-American designer launches "The Eat This Collection"

“An Indian American designer has launched a new fashion label introducing a fusion of classic foods and styles whereby classic foods adored by all are seamlessly intertwined and designed into clothing” 6 more words


My Indian Parents Are Huge Fans of Cultural Appropriation, Even While My Generation Finds it Appalling ~ Nikita Redkar

I have never been a fan of yoga, yet I gave it a fighting chance, partly because I felt it was my cultural duty to do so.  1,368 more words


Foreign Relations

By Losa Amara Meru

Over winter break, Losa Amara Meru reunited with her mother’s side of the family clan in the Philippines. After flying 7,000 miles, faces from her mother’s stories came alive in a language and land that was simultaneously familiar and foreign. 1,786 more words


Link love: language (63)

For your weekend reading and viewing pleasure, a selection of recent language-related links from around the web:

Love letters to trees.

How to design a metaphor… 262 more words


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When I die, can you cry?! – Part II

— Continued from Part I

* * *

Tom used Google Translate to talk to her most evenings when he got back home. I can tell you he got the idea from me, because I used it heavily to communicate with our house cleaner Bilma, who is from Mexico. 1,437 more words

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