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Indian American Demography, Values, and Attitudes 

One of the fastest-growing ethnic minorities in the US in recent decades has also been one of the most successful: Indian Americans. Now more than 3 million strong, Indian Americans are the… 577 more words

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Creating Identity in America: A Look at the Smithsonian's Beyond Bollywood Exhibition

The immigrant story is a timeless and consistent theme in United States history. As new groups make America home for reasons of opportunity, sanctuary, freedom, etc., enlivened debates as to who is really “American” rise: Is America a melting pot or a salad bowl? 850 more words


Little Indian-American Italy

This patriotic scene was spotted between a bone-chilling walk and Daal Gosht, in Little Italy, Chicago, Illinois.


The UBER app and it's human heart beat

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“I don’t really need to go to Church. If I am feeling low, I just pray. What will God do that you can’t do for yourself anyway?” 3,110 more words

Struggling Humanitarian

The Most Famous Universal Indian-American !

In this world every human being is born a human but his/her identity gets defined by his/her nationality. So, by that account, I am an Indian first for the world. 1,034 more words

Obama’s twin strike and the pravasi dilemma

The craven Americanism now being displayed by Lousina governor Bobby Jindal and the controversy created in the US about his literally white-washed official portrait is a reflection of the Indian Hindu elites’ fascination for the great country and an inbuilt dilemma of identity. 923 more words

Narendra Modi