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Miss America

After Nina Davaluri won the Miss America pageant, my fellow Americans responded quite favorably:

“I swear I’m not racist, but this is America.”
She’s American. 193 more words


Madeline La Framboise

Madeline La Framboise (1780-1846 CE)

Madeline La Framboise was a Native American woman who was one of the most successful fur traders of all time.  She was lived in the Northwest Territory where Michigan is today. 381 more words



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A New York University initiative to provide higher education to prison inmates will be led by an Indian American professor.

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Lose-Lose Situations: South Asian Attitudes Towards Women


Last week, a member of the gang involved in the 2012 Delhi gang rape, which resulted in the death of 23-year-old Jyoti Singh, was interviewed and immediately his shocking remarks became viral. 631 more words

Indian American Demography, Values, and Attitudes 

One of the fastest-growing ethnic minorities in the US in recent decades has also been one of the most successful: Indian Americans. Now more than 3 million strong, Indian Americans are the… 577 more words

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Creating Identity in America: A Look at the Smithsonian's Beyond Bollywood Exhibition

The immigrant story is a timeless and consistent theme in United States history. As new groups make America home for reasons of opportunity, sanctuary, freedom, etc., enlivened debates as to who is really “American” rise: Is America a melting pot or a salad bowl? 850 more words