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The Curious Case of the Indian Film Audience....

Times have changed, and with time so have films. What worked in the 90’s may not necessarily work now, or wait…What worked in the 90’s still works. 662 more words


Bollywood Movies and the crowd !

Have had discussions rather arguments with colleagues and friends who seem to hell bent on not believing that Barfi ! was a little too inspired from all the movies it copied. 68 more words

Crime Patrol - Does Indian Television need more of such shows?

Crime Patrol, the moment we hear these two words we are hit by the real world out there. More often we ignore the real world and are more than happy to live in our small world, where everything is kind of calm. 403 more words

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San Onofre Update and It's raining money in India.....


Did we dodge a bullet in San Onofre? Yes. And thank goodness for that. Is the Nuclear battle any closer to being won? Hardly. 386 more words

On Masala movies and Multiplex audiences!!

If there is one thing which is a great unifier as well as a great divider of masses in India, it’s the movies. Every strata of society is attracted to them, every person is touched by the film industry in one way or another, whether or not they actually go and watch a movie in a theatre. 1,570 more words