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Our Weightloss Story

Weightloss Of East Meets West

I was born in Indian sub-continent everything in India revolves around spices, rice, festivals and brightly coloured Indian clothes, I conformed to the traditions of my very religious and strict family, I did not rebel my dad was an Anglican Minister and my beautiful mother a school teacher but I loved books not my study books but story books I was hooked to Mills and Boon, Jeffery Archer, Daniele Steel, cowboy stories of Luis L’amour, JT Edison, Robin Cook, Wilbur Smith and many many more stories yes I was a hopeless, helpless romantic but my Dad did not want me to date or party so I abided by his rules but at the same time apart from books I loved music, I loved Whitney especially, Celine Dion and Spice girls life was easy and good. 442 more words

The Funny Bear Who Loved Honey

Funny Bear Who Loved Honey

There once was a funny bear who had no money all he wished for was a bucket of honey

One bright day when the weather was fine and sunny… 342 more words


The Day The Lord Walked Into My Life

The day He walked into my life

There is a Lord

Who watches over all

There is a Lord who catches you when you fall… 230 more words

The Keyword is Love

As I gaze on the beauty of the King

My heart lets out a song to sing

The Lord brought me out of depression

My emotions in suppression… 610 more words

To Love Unconditionally

To Love Unconditionally

When the Lord made man, he loved man unconditionally knowing that there was good and bad in man, yet God created him and loved him, then created Eve as a helpmate for man. 343 more words

Via-Dolorosa which means the way of suffering that Jesus Christ went through for you and me

I pray this video that I sing in will be a blessing for you and me, This good friday let us take time to remember the unbearable suffering that Christ went through so that you and I can be healed, blessed and receive salvation… 8 more words


Insult or Over Sensitivity?

Recently my husband, daughter and I went to visit a friend and his aunt. For the sake of this article lets just call her Aunty Ji. 791 more words

Masala Reflections On Life