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The Night I became an Indian Aunty

When I think of Indian Aunties, I think slightly overweight, always dressed in saris or floor length night gowns from the eighties, and most importantly amazing cooks.  862 more words

Taste It All

Moon River

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A little Bit About India and My Testimony

Hi namasthe my name is Sangeetha Alexander wife of Mark Alexander who came to Northern Ireland to study at the Belfast Bible College 10 years back. 788 more words


The Funny Bear Who Loved Honey

Funny Bear Who Loved Honey

There once was a funny bear who had no money all he wished for was a bucket of honey

One bright day when the weather was fine and sunny… 342 more words


The Day The Lord Walked Into My Life

The day He walked into my life

There is a Lord

Who watches over all

There is a Lord who catches you when you fall… 230 more words

The Keyword is Love

As I gaze on the beauty of the King

My heart lets out a song to sing

The Lord brought me out of depression

My emotions in suppression… 610 more words