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Aloo ki Kachori - a Special Holiday Snack

Aloo ki kachori is typically a north Indian dish. You can take it in snacks and if you are a kachori lover, you would definitely want to have it in breakfasts too. 733 more words


Make Aloo Bhujia Sandwich in Three Minutes!

Aloo Bhujia Sandwich! It reminds me of my childhood. A friend used to bring it in her lunchbox and that was the first time I was introduced to this easy but yummy dish. 349 more words


Egg Sandwich

When you are in hurry, prepare this breakfast recipe. Try out this simple and delicious breakfast item.


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Savory Nutritious Breakfast - Upma

As we all know that semolina is made from finest durum wheat and is an healthy alternative to all purpose wheat flour.These days you can get pasta,noodles lasagna, breakfast cereals made up of semolina flour.  255 more words



Sevaiyyan can be used both to prepare sweet dish (kheer) or salty (vermicelli) for breakfast.

Here is the easy recipe of Vermicelli


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Appam with vegetable stew

Appam is a very popular and traditional breakfast of south Indian states especially TamilNadu and Kerala. They say its also common in SriLanka.It is a type of pancake made with fermented batter.It is very soft in texture.It is round in shape with its centre part little bit fluffy and the sides little crispier.Can be also taken for dinner too.To prepare this we need a special curved shaped pan.We call it as appachatti. 423 more words