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Corn and Cranberry Investigation Tray

While getting ready for Thanksgiving and putting away Halloween stuff, my kids were asking about the Indian corn we use as decor at this time of year.   510 more words

Kitchen Science

Indian Corn Photography

Contained in this post are several photos I took of a variety of Indian corn. The colors of the kernels are quite aesthetically appealing during the autumn season. 48 more words


Day 456 – National Candy Corn Day

I get why this day would deserve its own holiday. I do. But of all the candies in all the world, I think candy corn is probably the most accepted unpopular candy out there. 1,027 more words


Corn and pine needles

As a kid I loved to try and create things from stuff that grew in the forest.  I would fidget and weave things like grass and twigs into little fans and baskets and relatives would take them and hang them up on the wall.   523 more words


Pick a pumpkin or two?

Sunday we finally had a day out! Even though I still have not handed in my 3850-word report which is due this week, I felt good as I had edited the day before. 636 more words

On the verandah

Sitting on the verandah – with coffee in the morning – shucking the speckled corn so it can dry just a little further before we grind it into flour.   102 more words


Garden End of July

This spring was a rough start for my garden.  Right after I planted we had over a week of rain.  Many of the seeds must have just rotted in the ground.   250 more words