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The need for a resurgent Bharat - Vamadeva Shastri

A nation is largely defined according to its history. There is a great battle going on relative to the history of India. After independence, history studies and national institutions, such as the Indian Council of Historical Research, were dominated by socialists, if not Marxists, who were naturally hostile to the older dharmic culture of the region. 2,640 more words


The Difference Between Hindi Cinema and "Bollywood"

As fans of Hindi cinema and films made in India, most of us would call ourselves “Bollywood fans”, and the films that we enjoy so much we refer to as “Bollywood movies”. 520 more words


Religions of India

Religions of India

What is religion?

‘A set of beliefs’ . Religion in India has never been static and various movements have developed with new ideas and in responses to evolving socio economic situations.

Indian Culture

A reductive reading of Santhara - Shiv Visvanathan

“The court has held that extinguishing life, sacrificing it or effacing it cannot be considered as acts of dignity. A right to die cannot be a part of a right to life. 1,759 more words


Book Review: ‘The Rigveda Code’ by Rashmi Chendvankar

My Rating****

Books based on Indian mythologies are no more limited to comics now. Indian mythological tales are now getting both imaginative retellings and modern makeover. 510 more words

Book Review

Raksha Bandhan - Or, Friendzoning Indian style

The Friend Zone… Dreaded realm of despair and torment to anyone who perceives themselves stuck in it.

While the despair part of the experience comes from the rational part of the mind realizing the love interest is just not into you, the torment part of it usually comes from the delusional mindset of… 1,283 more words


The flawed reasoning in the Santhara ban - Suhrith Parthasarathy

“The Jaina practitioners contend that Santhara is not an exercise in trying to achieve an unnatural death, but is rather a practice intrinsic to a person’s ethical choice to live with dignity until death. 1,447 more words