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Why I Hate Gandhi- The Loony Gandhi Part 2

The saintly portrayal in the movie Gandhi (1982) is probably where most Westerners get their view of Gandhi from.

The book The Gandhi Nobody Knows… 1,267 more words

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Why I hate Gandhi- Inspection of Gandhi Error Part 1

Gandhi and Martin Luther King were successful not because they used peaceful methods, but because their opponents were democracies.

Defunct blog: “if Gandhi had been Jewish, we would have never heard of him. 760 more words

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India Trip 2016: Goa

Goa. Candolim. Sunny endless beaches with sand dunes that feel amazing. There’s India and there’s Goa; the Indian paradise and the go-to tourist place in India. 386 more words


1 Day @ The Kosa Capital Of India - Bilaspur

Bilaspur is a popular city in Chattisgarh. The name “Bilaspur” originated from the Fisher-woman named “Bilasa”. Bilaspur is known for its good quality rice and Kosa Industry. 647 more words


A Winter Afternoon in India

The women, dressed in blue and turquoise and green
Are lounging on the lawn,finally tanning a bit in the pale January sun,
They laugh louder than any women I’ve ever heard before, 120 more words


हिंदी का जश्न मनाते हैं...

हिंदी का जश्न मनाते हैं…

आज़ादी के इतने वर्ष बीत गए,

फिर भी हम खुद को

अंग्रेजी के अधीन क्यों पाते हैं ?

क्यों नहीं हम अब भी …


How different would the world be if for the last 100 years women and men had the exact opposite legal/political rights that they had 1,000 years ago?

In other words, if for most of the 20th century males had lacked most legal and political rights and were legally considered the property of their mother until they became the property of their wife, or if she died, their eldest daughter? 802 more words