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New Indian Note Design and Identification

नए 2000 और 500 के नोटों की कुछ विशेषताएं

आगे का भाग

1.  मूल्यवर्ग अंक को आर-पार मिला सकते है।
2.  मूल्यवर्ग अंक की छपी हुई प्रतिमा। 17 more words


Will the Indian Rupee cross the $70 mark for now?

How low could the INR go, is the big question doing the rounds in the market these days? Broadly, 4 factors will drive the rupee weaker and 70/$ may become the new normal. 453 more words

Market & Economy Update

Important things to know about Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016 (BTP Amendment Act)

In recent times, the central government has initiated various measures for curbing the black money by demonetization. The similar step has been undertaken by central government to search and confiscate the Benami Property in the country through Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act,  2016. 548 more words

500 And 1000 Notes

Business Owners Try to Undercut India’s Move Against ‘Black Money’

Drastic measures are being taken to dispose of wads of paper currency

A police officer instructs customers waiting in line outside a State Bank of India branch in Mumbai last Saturday. 1,213 more words

Economics and Politics of ‘Demonetization’

Ganesh Manjhi teaches Economics at University of Delhi. He can be contacted at ganeshtrxgmail.com.

What are the most important reasons of the ‘demonetization’ – coming of big elections, initiative against the black money promised during the 2014 election, curbing the tax evasion or streamlining the market economy by cleaning the house itself? 1,600 more words


India's Currency Crunch:What are People in the Vegetable Markets Saying?

‘When it rains lemons, make lemonade’ is an age old saying. In my case, it was tomatoes. Vegetable prices had dropped 20 – 50 percent after the demonetization of currency.  678 more words

Fresh Market Narratives (33)

Late Night Musings - Fake Media

I was reading how fake/false news, quotes etc. was a major contributor to the result of the US elections. Now, not entirely sure how much did it impact the results there, but it did make me wonder if it’s the same case with this government in India – the latest being this demonetisation thing. 914 more words