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Vegan Indian Non Chicken Coconut Curry with Banana Peel

Making this was actually an experiment as I was almost certain the banana peel might not give the dish the desired beef texture but boy! Was I wrong


Patod ki sabji

Pitod or pitodi or patod curry is a traditional Rajasthani dish. In Rajasthan basan is a mostly use ingredients of daily food in the form of different varieties like Kadi , khata , gatte ki sabji , namkeen sav ki sabji , patod ki sabji etc. 901 more words



I don’t profess to be an expert on Jamaican food and I know there will be people out there screaming at the screen saying you don’t do it like that. 685 more words

Neta's Nagging Naga Chilli Curry - Be warned it's a hot one!

This one possibly may need to come with a Government health warning. It developed from my love of Chicken Jaflong which I always have when I go to our local tandoori restaurant. 535 more words

Shahi Egg Curry

My husband has this really amazing job which not only allows me to see new places but also meet new people. This year we get to do this at a global level as we are meeting people from across the world. 858 more words

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Kerala style Mutton Kurma (Mutton in coconut and cashew gravy)

Mutton/lamb Korma is one of the most popular side dish in India, but the method and style of preparation varies from home to home. Coconut and cashew gravy makes this dish so rich and aromatic spices gives so much flavor at the same time. 464 more words

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