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About Meera Varma

Don’t miss this opportunity to take classes locally with international dance star Meera Varma! This class series is being presented as a collaboration that Meera and Lilla have been discussing for some time out of their mutual desire to share the pure joy of dance with others through fun, accessible classes which focus on exploring the flow of movement and expression of dance for total well being – physical, mental and spiritual. 250 more words

Arabic Dance

women 2

photo: Mayeli
Genie Nakano Bollywood/taiko dance

hold up half the sky
our curves
surround the oceans
deep within lies bliss


No Mean Feat

Subhash Viman Gorania’s dancing has a magical quality that thrills and transports the viewer. It is, in one word, exciting.

Spiritually exciting. Electricity courses up your spine. 1,092 more words


Taking flight - gentleness and strength in Bharatanatyam

What makes the work of dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar so brilliant? This third and final article focuses on gentleness and strength as the qualities that bring heart to her work – and make her an inspiring artist and public figure. 1,003 more words


A shadow play of distant histories

In parapatric speciation, where two populations diverge in adaptation to varied ecological niches without total reproductive isolation, a sequence of ‘ring species’ can evolve. A commonly cited example is of gulls distributed around the Arctic Circle, where geographically adjacent species, such as the European and American herring gulls, can interbreed, but where the species at either end of the sequence – in this example the European herring gull and the lesser black-backed gull – are mutually infertile. 1,015 more words


Bimbavati Devi: an immortal gaze on feminism

At first I was not convinced it would work: the Divine Mother of India’s ancient spiritual heritage used as a funnel for thoughts on modern day feminism. 889 more words


13th Century Love on a 21st Century Stage

The modern Indian classical artist* is often tasked with expressing romantic themes which seemingly belong to premodern times. The imagery we evoke can seem frozen in a time when there were emperors, courtesans, cowherds, endless mehfils. 1,485 more words