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Elections` economics : Riddles today

Tota : So, the long elections season is in full swing !

Myna : Yeah, merry times for the people …!
Tota : You mean times of populism and freebies? 344 more words


Riddles of Today


Myna : What system did India have in the old days after Independence ?
Tota : Socialism.
Myna : Did people flourish then ?
Tota… 33 more words


Mumbai, Lunar Calendar & the 21st Century

It started when I spotted the packets of aam papad stacked in the makeshift stalls. Those born in the pre-globalized India will remember this tangy-sweet unique thing made out of sugared and boiled raw mango. 3,143 more words


Riddles today

Tota: Governments come and go but nothing seems to change. Life remains hard for most. Why is this?
Myna: This is because development is not happening. 109 more words