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Photos of My Bhabhi.

Every character in this story is 18 or above.


I had just opened the porn site on the computer in my room and I heard the irritating clanking of Bhabhi’s bangles which I appreciate at other times, the clanking of her bangles acts as alarm for me. 5,727 more words


A First Hand Narrative: Part 2


If you ask me now what made me go up to visit the city once again, I would tell you, with great conviction, that it was plain affordable; especially since now my best friend had moved there herself into a spacious new apartment, spacious for the city anyway. 1,045 more words

Erotic Literature


I was on my back.

His head moved away, downward,

clearing my line of sight;

I looked with wonder-

more of disbelief-

at a leaf held by the ceiling. 934 more words

Erotic Literature

Remember, Remember The Thirst of December

“Why are you really here?”

Madhav and I have known each other long enough for him to bring up that it was quite unlike me to be at a party where the head-count of acquainted socials went beyond three. 2,904 more words

Erotic Literature

Chapter XIV: Hjjer Returns from the Village

2009 had started well. I’d gone over to Europe during the Christmas and New Year fortnight and then come back to India and headed straight for Sunita’s village where her younger sister was getting married. 11,230 more words

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Chapter XI : Sunita Takes Hjjer

It was the middle of July 2008; the monsoon rains were lashing the city as they were most of the country, coming in heavy cascading showers through the days and nights. 6,413 more words

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Chapter X : Hjjer Holds Back

Today’s another glorious weekend, the fourth Saturday in the wonderfully pleasant month of March 2008. The year started off in a rather hectic manner; I’ve had to fire our GM in Malaysia and have recently hired a smart and tough lady from URS Corporation in the United States. 4,215 more words

Erotic Stories