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Score Satisfaction of Gawari Fadina- Part II

Gawari continued her clandestine tuitions with both the Telugu professor and the history professor till her last Tuesday in college. Within a fortnight’s time since it all began, the Telugu Professor had made it a tradition to use dildos of variety of sizes, girth, colour, pattern, material and manufacturer, a new one every Tuesday. 744 more words


Score satisfaction of Gawari Fadina

As Gawari walked in the direction of Telugu professor’s cubicle, she worked out in her mind how coy she should be, how untouched, virginal and scared she should act, how intact her hymen should be, she knew it had to be fully intact.  1,724 more words


Tearing Hurry, Gaping Hole

The hungry toil a lot. Sometimes it’s an invisible growl. Sometimes, an arid wail. Too weak for anything from having been out of grain or fruits or rain. 3,846 more words


Gawari Fadina- It was all Grey!

For two days Gawari ignored Naga not that she craved attention, not that she had changed her mind, not to arouse him with her rejection, just that Gawari knew she would melt if he even brushed against her skirt. 1,497 more words


Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter Continues....

Naga followed Gawari’s breasts to class room no 3.14 and sat next to her right boob. For the first time since Gawari started attending lectures a guy sat next to her, just to sit next to her. 559 more words


Gawari Fadina- The First Encounter

Gawari Fadina was nineteen and out of school for two years now. Gawari didn’t go to college she spent her day at home applying turmeric packs, rose packs on her entire body and turmeric facepack and mud facepack on her face. 678 more words


Photos of My Bhabhi.

Every character in this story is 18 or above.


I had just opened the porn site on the computer in my room and I heard the irritating clanking of Bhabhi’s bangles which I appreciate at other times, the clanking of her bangles acts as alarm for me. 5,727 more words