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The festival of colors 'HOLI' : Still holy!?

The joy of wearing torn and dirty clothes, joy in getting the body smeared, eagerness of being the first to color mark your loved one’s, desire to own the best of sprinkler(Pichkari),eating and drinking with colored hands without the fear of mom’s scoldings, shivering people with chilling water, aiming water balloons to find joy in someone else’s pain, the satisfaction of hitting the target with the balloon, excitement of coloring someone and the doge away from him and fun of forcibly dirtying the unknown withouth the fear of getting scolded and mock with a wry smile shrieking “BURA NA MANO- Holi Hai !!!”. 833 more words

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Some India and China in Penang (Malaysia)

Hello and welcome back!

Indian Festival, Chinese New Year and fascinating Kek Lok Si – my first impressions from multicultural Malaysia are coming!

Prelude. 962 more words


Makara Sankranthi- A celebration of the Sun

Makara Sankranti is an important pan-Indian festival observed on the 14th of January each year. It marks the first day of the sun’s transit into Capricorn ( 1,120 more words


​Makara Shankranthi

A guest post by Supria Pillai

Bheeshma Pithamaha falls gravely wounded on the 10th day of the Kurusksehtra Yudh. He lies on a bed of arrows for 40 days until Uttarayan. 606 more words

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Festivals of India: Lohri Celebrations in Delhi!

Indians love to celebrate. Different States and religions celebrate diverse festivals through the year, but the festive spirit ties everyone together. Lohri is a winter festival celebrated by Sikh and Hindu Punjabis on January 13. 481 more words

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मकर संक्रांति देवताओ का दिन

खुशी और समृद्धि का व्यौहार मकर संक्रांति, सूर्य के मकर राशि में प्रवेश करने पर मनाया जाता है। इस वर्ष मकर संक्राति 15 जनवरी को मनाया जायेगा। इस दिन सूर्य उरायण हो जाता है। मकर संक्रांति का धार्मिक महत्व उत्तरायण के अविधि काल को देवताओं का दिन कहते हैं।

Makar Sankranti Festival | Pongal – Time for a Fresh Start

Hey Mamas , Today is Sankranti festival in India. Mahar Sankranti is celebrated by Indians across the world in different names Bhogi,Pongal,Bhi,Lohri etc . This is a good chance to teach kids about different traditions and culture . 982 more words