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A 17-year old Indian-origin girl has earned admission to all eight Ivy Leage Schools in US

Pooja Chandrashekar, an Indian-origin girl has earned admission to 14 top US universities, including all eight Ivy League schools which are considered the most prestigious varsities worldwide. 446 more words


British PM David Cameron was left stumped by 10-year-old Indian Origin girl's question

Reema, a 10-year-old Indian-origin schoolgirl, student from the northern England city of Salford in Greater Manchester, stumped the British Prime Minister David Cameron by asking a question regarding his favourite politician apart from himself.  237 more words


Eternal Optimism

Surrender the chaos

Await the sun, it awakens each day

Feel the warmth

Reach towards enlightenment

One day you will transcend

You will emit light… 12 more words


एक लड़की

20 से 25 तक,
लिव -इन -रिलेशनशिप की मौज़ देखी,
30 के बाद,
शादी को तरसती आँखे देखीं।
प्यार में सबका,
दिल तोड़ती एक लड़की देखी,
और चोट खाने के बाद,
उसको माय चॉइस गाते देखा।

परमीत सिंह धुरंधर



Nature of shyness defeated by her lotus face
With magical smile greeted by her lotus face
Eyes trapped in her beauty,Heart is beating
Final need of love completed by her lotus face


Dear Desire

The sunlight is glowing through the spaces between the leaves

The warmth reminded me I was alive

I could feel it all over from the tips of my toes to the point of my nose… 52 more words


Life Updates.

I feel like I haven’t truly written in a long time. Not having enough time would be the worst possible excuse, I have been wailing my time, the importance of which is still known to me. 192 more words

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