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Successful FR #3:Booby Scooty Girl-Number close


Most of you guys out there have a tough time trying to approach girls traveling on scooties.She is hot,wearing a helmet,covered to the brim to protect her pretty complexion from the sun rays or the evening dust.. 1,037 more words

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Successful FR #1: Pink Fitness Girl-Number close+Instant Date

Fitness girls!!…Don’t you just love them.

They are there all around you.Jogging at 5 am in the morning at your nearby park.Next to you in the treadmill,in front of you squatting in the gym. 1,209 more words

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Soft Rejection #1: Yellow Nervous Chick

Approach Location: Mall
Approach time : Night
Approach type : Direct (Cold)
Girl HB Rating : 7

Chilling around the women’s wear section of the mall (Weird?..I know..) I spot this cute girl with medium hip length, silky smooth,straight brownish-black hair,light yellow skin wearing a… 293 more words

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Indian Sex Chat

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How to Date College Indian Girls

If you desire to get to the top level in this dating thing, get your confidence in order. Look deeply at yourself and try to determine why you are lacking faith in you. 393 more words

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