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Indian men, Inflated Egos

What is up with Indian men and their egos and their insistence on being the dominant players in households? I have seen this countless times in my own family, in stories I have heard in the news, and in occurrences with friends. 519 more words

Top 3 Festive Wear for Men

Diwali is the one dedicated festival for the whole family but are men also supposed to choose an attire from latest men fashion trends for this exclusive occasion. 234 more words

Top 4 White Sneakers for Men

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All the latest fashion trend for men includes white sneakers in most of the casual wear for men, many leading fashion designers have started including the men new style in formal wear section too! 164 more words

The puja lookbook for men- Clothes under 1k!


As we type this post, we can already imagine your bored expression as you read it😝 if you have no idea why you are here, stay for a few minutes. 698 more words

One Bad Apple

I sort of have this thing where I anticipate being harassed when Indian men start to speak to me.

Sometimes I am wrong. The guy I sat next to on the plane offered me the window seat, and his veg meal (I hadn’t been able to order one). 358 more words



Strange it may seem but traditional customs and beliefs have inhibited Indian men from taking best care of their bodies especially when it comes to self-grooming. 290 more words

Man divorces wife for giving her opinion

In other news for the day, an Indian IT professional in USA is ordered by his family to divorce his wife. Reason you ask? – he told her he is not obligated to give her one. 233 more words