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Seven Old Monk Facts That May Or May Not Be Made Up

(Note: This is my Hindustan Times column dated 19th July 2015.)

Like an aunty who just saw the neighbour’s daughter with a boy, I have plenty to talk about this week. 699 more words


Stop obligating. Start supporting. A message to all men.

Kind of an amazing irony about our holy India is that, Rapists, Burglars, Thieves, Kidnappers and endless offenders, can all enter the temples. But, any female going through her periods is banned from doing so, citing that she is impure. 308 more words


Marry not merry enough

Long hair, succulent lips,
ample bosom, curvy hips,
pretty dresses, painted nails.
Now he knows that you prevail.

These age old stereotypes,
They ain’t my type. 106 more words


Indian Men Take On The Saree!

If you feel like you conduct yourself in a totally inelegant way when in a saree and clump about clumsily, trying insanely hard not to trip over the millions of miles of pleats and fabric, here’s a chance to make yourself feel better – by watching the men give it a shot! 24 more words



Women in India are over privileged in public and underprivileged back their home.

Men in India are over privileged at home and underprivileged in public.

Isn’t it equality?

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