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Marry not merry enough

Long hair, succulent lips,
ample bosom, curvy hips,
pretty dresses, painted nails.
Now he knows that you prevail.

These age old stereotypes,
They ain’t my type. 106 more words


Indian Men Take On The Saree!

If you feel like you conduct yourself in a totally inelegant way when in a saree and clump about clumsily, trying insanely hard not to trip over the millions of miles of pleats and fabric, here’s a chance to make yourself feel better – by watching the men give it a shot! 24 more words



Women in India are over privileged in public and underprivileged back their home.

Men in India are over privileged at home and underprivileged in public.

Isn’t it equality?

Randomly Speaking

Fighting the demons

“Why do you want to go back to India? This is a much safer place for women and you have a daughter too. Why do you want to go back to a country where the women folks have to constantly watch their backs and look out for hungry sex predators waiting for an opportunity to pounce upon you?” 1,526 more words


Wine and Grass are God’s best gift to Men!

My grandpa said never trust a man who neither smokes nor drinks, because then he definitely has a secret addiction. Man and addiction are like cup and saucer, you separate them they are incomplete. 1,183 more words


Ode to Older Indian Men

Older Indian men are equally photogenic, alluring and worthy of their own post as their counterparts, the women, depicted in my last post are. Let’s travel around India and take a look. 243 more words