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The Ugly Male Face Of 'Cannot Cope'

I always thought India hates its daughters. But now I believe it hates its sons even more.

One of the biggest advantages that I have is that I was given a realistic view of the world’s indifference and even hostility to my existence. 641 more words

Times, They Are A-changing

Being A Man in India

While we all talk about the troubles women still face in India, we kind of a turn blind eyes to the other half of the coin, the MEN. 1,075 more words


Of breaking molds and barriers

We’re brought up to believe patriarchy eulogizes men and downgrades women. It considers men superior to women!   I’d grown up thinking our society is unfair to women alone.   747 more words


Hey Indian Guy, Just Riff With Me.

Have you ever tried to talk to a random Indian guy on the street?  They’re polite but they give off this franticness to cut the conversation.   377 more words


The drive to learn driving 

I have heard many male colleagues saying that women are bad at driving cars, and being adamant about their opinions on this subject. Recently, a dear friend went to a car driving class for the second time in over 10 years, but has been having a tough time convincing her dad to let her use the car. 101 more words

Why Indian men are like this?

Under the light of recent events, I was motivated to meticulously pen down my thoughts and try to encounter the reason behind this fiasco. We all are ashamed when such incidents happen in our society. 356 more words

The Oomph of the Bra

Indian women are all born with this Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of straightening their bra strap all the while. They can flaunt their polished backs and heaving boobs and yet a thin black strap showing makes them the so called “vulnerable and potential targets to indecent men”. 547 more words