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Skincare for Men

Everyone in today’s world needs to take care of their skin irrespective of their gender. Everyone needs a skin care routine. So here I’m for all you guys who need some skincare advice to bring out your natural skin as it was before puberty hit you. 912 more words

Skincare Routine

India from A to Z

India from A to Z

This A to Z is based on cycling as a woman alone in India, which makes a whole lot of differences. 8,421 more words


Of Glass, Men and Perceptions

Ever since my first foray into living alone, it has always been a much-spoken rule in my house that I should not travel alone in a night bus. 1,087 more words


My clothes, my chicken. Your opinions, I don't care.

I’ve been visiting the gym regularly this year. I realized that it was a necessary evil I had to comply with if I wanted to lose that extra butt I’ve been carrying around. 1,027 more words


Today, I Call You My Husband

As a little girl, I would lie awake in bed imagining my wedding day. This was not your typical little girl fantasy about prince charming sweeping me off my feet; no, this was more along the lines of sheer terror. 1,159 more words