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Hi Friends,

Today I want to talk about my favourite TV Serial. My Favourite TV Serial is Iss Pyar Ko Kyan Naam Doon. It started in 2011 and ended in 2012. 353 more words

Arranged Marriages : Made in India

Land of 1 billion plus people, worshipping some 36 million gods and goddesses, having over a 100 languages (IT languages not counted) has somehow managed to classify a complex topic of marriage into ONLY two distinct categories, “arranged marriage” or “love marriage”. 896 more words


This is one of those posts where I’ll be galloping everywhere in no necessary order.  And hence might not make sense to some.

I keep talking about how I’m largely an optimist in life, who’ll always look at the brighter side.  

938 more words

Uniformly Ungrammatical

This is in reference to the article by Shonali Muthalaly in The Hindu titled “Tch, tch, tch these Indian man.” Click here to read the article. 586 more words


Rising of the FemiNazi Culture.

Feminazi : A Feminazi is basically a person who uses the cause of Feminism for ill-jobs based on gender disputes.

These days our nation is witnessing a wave of Feminazis. 547 more words


10 Most Annoying Things Indian Boys Do

When we talk about characteristics of people, we may probably end up explaining that it totally depends and vary from person to person. But when I talk about Indian boys, every single boy carries a compulsory character with their typical and patent dialogues. 382 more words


Women Dress Up only to be undressed by the so called “Civilized Society”

Women call it Wardrobe. Never say word about their wardrobe or they will wage a war against your robe. Men often are in a hallucination that women dress up and look good for them. 858 more words