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Ode to Older Indian Men

Older Indian men are equally photogenic, alluring and worthy of their own post as their counterparts, the women, depicted in my last post are. Let’s travel around India and take a look. 243 more words


"Why do many young Indian men say they are interested in dating, but leave the decision of anything on the longer term to their parents?

Sharing an email. 

Dear IHM,

I’ve been a regular albeit silent reader of your blog for quite a long time now. I would appreciate it if I could have your views and those of your readers on the following : 353 more words

Indian Homemaker

India’s Daughter – A hard slap to overprotective Indian men

Amidst huge uproar around the BBC documentary “India’s Daughter” that has violated so many norms that Indian authorities’ have to do soul searching about the security lapses which has become a great concern today. 1,173 more words

Feminism In India

We are not the Only one!

I believe I am not the only one sitting in complete bewilderment at how the the BBC documentary “India’s Daughter” has become a national outrage. Leslee Udwin chooses to travel to India to interview Mukesh Singh, one of the rapists in the December 16, 2012 Delhi gang-rape; when more than 80,000 rapes take place in England and Wales annually. 215 more words

Views And Opinions

A Proud Son

Sons are the spark in the dark
And ofcourse they do leave a mark
Whether in happiness or in sorrow
Sons are blessings for wonderful tomorrow… 105 more words


In the company of men

So my Facebook and Twitter, is filled with people sharing India’s Daughter Documentary. I wonder if this is perpetuating a prejudice of it’s own kind, I understand there are men out there, with an attitude documented, but I have a different story to tell. 257 more words


On women, men, attractiveness, and sex.

Suitably for International Women’s Day, I came across a joke meme on Facebook along the lines of the sexual preferences of most young women. The gist was basically women do not like to be hit upon by “ugly guys” or men whom they do not find attractive. 557 more words