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5 Reasons why Indian Men Refuse to Change

My thoughts are a manifestation of many conversations with friends, wives and relatives on the utter frustration amongst progressive Indian women over sections of men’s brains that have remained stagnated over many years. 915 more words


The thing about your Indian colleagues

It’s only human for us to generalize people. But just as not all Americans are fat and lazy, not all Indian colleagues are sneaky opportunists lacking social skills. 469 more words

Ten annoying mindset of Indian males.

there are men in India who can freak you out beyond your imagination- just by their stupidity. And the spicy factor is that they are overflowing with the idea that no matter how illiterate they are , they are always intelligent than a girl. 453 more words

Men's Fashion Trend from 2017 - Western Wear Edit

When we look at life like a ramp, we are all trendsetters in some way or the other. Off late men’s wear has created a stir in the fashion industry in a huge way. 330 more words

A Thing Called Fashion

5 years to Nirbhaya- What has changed?

5 years ago on 16th of December, an incident which took place in the national capital not only shook the nation on multiple levels but it also raised several question marks on the mindset of the Indian men- the sense of ease and normality with which the crimes are committed, increasing frequency and cipher fear of repercussions leading  to augmented incidents of sexual assaults, molestation and rapes. 691 more words


The liberty to choose a partner


Aren’t we all just a little bit obsessed with it?

We love watching romance films, reading novels that give us butterflies in the stomach and day dreaming about that dream boat you exchanged glances with. 234 more words

Life Lessons