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Jump, and Stay Up: Lagori, Skrat and Wolf's Lair, Live

A concert is often an ambivalent experience for an introvert such as myself: the crush of people, the loud music and flashing lights could be disconcerting. 543 more words


Colourful weekend / Fim de semana colorido

Colourful weekends are the best don’t you think?

I really do think so, and that’s why I greeted with great excitement an invitation to check out the Holi Colour Madrid, that happened last Saturday, the 13th. 1,604 more words


Ghazal as Night Falls on the Silk Road-Music

This Hermit’s music pick is from the cd Ghazal as Night Falls on the Silk Road.

Persian & Indian Improvisations

By Kayhan Kalhor & Shujaat Khan… 96 more words


#BeyondMidnight 2

”Tick’ tick’ the clock strikes another number on the round dial.

As usual, there are no clouds of sleep around the eyes still, it feels like yawning! 195 more words


Producer Vee gives us a surprise!

Producer, Singer, Artist Vee is one of a kind you will hear about in the industry who has grown to create his own craft. He has been able to make some of the best sounds in recent months and creating a number of hits which are on top charts across the globe. 146 more words

What's Happenin'

Getting lost in Bahudari

I have a summer research job where I mostly work on my laptop at home, so I’m free to listen to music, podcasts, lectures, whatever. Lately, I’ve been listening to Carnatic concerts, since it’s otherwise kind of inconvenient to listen to two-and-half hour-long YouTube videos during my everyday routine. 629 more words