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On Indian Music: Evolution, Works, Personalities and Differences

“You have to know the past to understand the present.”

                                                                                                                                ~ Carl Sagan

With Indian music, especially in its classical forms, gaining steady recognition and applause in the international fora , uninformed enthusiasts maybe interested to note that the people of the subcontinent were tuning their chords way back in the 1st millennia. 914 more words


Indebted to you forever 2.0

Change is the only thing that never changes.

This is a statement that I have been hearing for a long time now. The frequency of my exposure to this statement is so painful that after a point of time, I began to believe that the statement is true, even though I never really put any thought into it. 1,457 more words


Lai Re Naam

Remember the Name, take the name – the name is what saves! This ‘Name’ is the breath, the inner sound, the energy, which keeps us alive! 213 more words

Folk Music

#Mubarak Begum & Historical Bollywood Genre

*The post is categorized under “pre-internet era”, where you can have coffee with classics and relish the flavors of the past. Hope you enjoy the equation, emotion and e-information shared in this section. 218 more words

Nurture Next



I am in ❤️

– with Marathi cinema.

Sairat proves that you don’t need to learn the language to appreciate the art!..

This beautiful piece of art has opened a new door in my heart. 504 more words

Indian Music

रविवार संध्याकाळ

“कर्तव्याने घडतो माणूस” विषयावर आई – मुलाची चर्चा आणि त्यावर मुलाचे मत,
हे गाणे भारतात शालेयजीवनात अर्थासकट शिकवायला हवे.
आईला पडलेला प्रश्न, “किती जणांना/शिक्षकांना याचा अर्थ समजेल”?


Sairat - A Symphony of fine art!!

66 musicians, 45 string sections, 6 piece woodwinds, 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombone, 1 Tuba, 3 piece horn section, 1 Harp in legendary sony scoring stage and Los Angeles… All these together produce one song called ‘Yad-Lagla’!!! 296 more words

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