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Rape laws in India : A Critical Analysis


Rape laws in India are a matter of debate since a long time although after the Delhi rape case incident the debate intensified leading to major changes in Rape laws in India . 1,902 more words

View: Strike down Section 377 as it has no place in today's India

Written by Vikram Doctor,
Jan 13, 2018

For The Economic Times

If, in the course of this year, the Supreme Court of India finally declares that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) must stop criminalising consenting adults in same sex relationships, it will be almost 18 years since the current battle to change the law began. 1,962 more words


Kamala Mills Fire: Hotelier arrested for sheltering accused

The Mumbai Police have recouped a top of the line auto of denounced Abhijeet Mankar from the Juhu living arrangement of Kariya (42) and lifted him up for addressing. 125 more words

Indian Penal Code 497 : Biased To All Sexes ?

Marriage is considered to be a sacred institution. To uphold its sanctity and legality; to grant rights to the couple in the union of marriage, certain laws have been framed. 649 more words

People And Society

Crime Capital: Delhi records 39% of offences in metros

NEW DELHI: Delhi was unable to get rid of the tag of being the country’s ‘crime capital’ in 2016 as well.

  • Data released by the National Crime Records Bureau on Thursday showed that among metropolitan cities, Delhi City accounted for 38.8% of the crimes reported under the Indian Penal Code.
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Unless there has been some violation of the principle of justice or some disregard of legal principles criminal appeal should not be entertained

Kapildeo Singh vs┬áThe King –

First criminal appeal before the Supreme Court

The essential question in a case under s. 147 is whether there was an unlawful assembly as defined in s. 2,521 more words



Each society, to work in an orderly and peaceful fashion, requires the adherence to certain social rules of conduct. Any deviant is deemed as an anti-social element and is punished appropriately to force him to adhere to the code of conduct. 324 more words