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An eye for an eye, a death for a rape

There’s something immensely satisfying seeing a woman wielding an iron rod butchering depraved men to death. Especially considering the current scenario of disturbing events and headlines announcing attack after attack on women for no fault of theirs. 873 more words

Indians are not allowed to kiss in public

There are a lot of things that someone is allowed to do in public in India, however kissing a girl is certainly off the list.  Kissing in public is placed under the header of immoral acts for the majority of Indians. 867 more words


Still forbidden to love

Another Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and the ‘miniscule fraction of the country’s population’, the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community, is still fighting for their right to love. 359 more words

Murder - Aggravating Circumstances and Mitigating Circumstances

In Bachan Singh v. State of Punjab, (1980) 2 SCC 684, the court referred to the decision in Furman v. Georgia, 33 L Ed 2d 346 : 408 US 238 and noted the suggestion about the aggravating and mitigating circumstances as under: 354 more words

Criminal Law

"Redundant Laws" by VakilNo1

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Some laws also infringe on the fundamental rights of citizens.

Under section 14 of the Hindu Marriage Act, a couple cannot get a divorce within one year of the marriage, even if one of the parties is found to be insane or a warranted criminal. 642 more words


Sedition? Seriously?

Source: The Hindu editorial (http://goo.gl/ifAfD9)

“Take again Section 124-A of the Indian Penal Code,” Jawaharlal Nehru said during a parliamentary debate centred around freedom of speech in 1951. 418 more words

Contemporary India

498A: How to harass husbands in India - 2

…Contd from previous story.

Let’s get a sneak peek into what can be the possible motives of women using the 498A (other than true  865 more words

Biased Laws In India