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My Thoughts About the History of Terror in America

The variety of topics and historical readings that I’ve encountered in the class have helped me learn more about the role of terror in America. Terror has shaped America. 1,529 more words

Terror Has Always Been a Part of America

When Americans today hear the word “terror,” they typically picture a Muslim, who has carried out an act of violence against the American people. While terror may seem like a relativity new concept to Americans, one that merely began after the 9/11 attacks, terror has always been a part of American history. 956 more words


Andrew Jackson who reveled in the name “Indian Killer” and “Sharp Knife”. Andrew Jackson who defied a Supreme Court ruling and in doing so continued to carry out his personal policy of extermination. 377 more words

"Savages, Savages, Barely Even Human"... But Who IS the Savage One?

Written just a few short years prior to the Indian Removal Act, Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s captivity novel Hope Leslie portrays Native Americans in an unusually positive light for the time period. 586 more words

Reflections On Hope Leslie

Hope Leslie vs The Indian Removal Act of 1830

The captivity narratives I’ve read prior to Catherine Maria Sedgwick’s “Hope Leslie” were all pretty clear in their message that the Native Americans were savages, and un-natural as the environment they were living in. 570 more words

Reflections On Hope Leslie