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"Savages, Savages, Barely Even Human"... But Who IS the Savage One?

Written just a few short years prior to the Indian Removal Act, Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s captivity novelĀ Hope Leslie portrays Native Americans in an unusually positive light for the time period. 586 more words

Reflections On Hope Leslie

Hope Leslie vs The Indian Removal Act of 1830

The captivity narratives I’ve read prior to Catherine Maria Sedgwick’s “Hope Leslie” were all pretty clear in their message that the Native Americans were savages, and un-natural as the environment they were living in. 570 more words

Reflections On Hope Leslie

The Hopelessness of American Indians in Sedgwick's Hope Leslie

In her historical fiction novel Hope Leslie, Catharine Maria Sedgwick depicts the interactions and relationships between a small group of American Indians and the settlers of New England and Boston. 1,212 more words

Reflections On Hope Leslie