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Breaking: Trump Opens New Golf Course on Indian Land

“This is a line of Indians leaving Rancho Malario. To make room for you! Here’s the beautiful Trail of Tears Golf Course…”

Full comedy album… 60 more words


#MinorityPopulationPodcast Ep 1 –Majority turned Minority – The History and Misrepresentation of American Indians

I’ve got a treat for all of you today! We’re going to be diving into, in my opinion, the first majority turned minority population in America – … 142 more words

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Great Moments in Southern History

I sent Chris Mackowski a note on some stationery I got years ago–see below. As you’ll be able to tell, there’s a story behind it. 431 more words

May 28th, 1830 President Andrew Jackson Signs the "Indian Removal Act"


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My Thoughts About the History of Terror in America

The variety of topics and historical readings that I’ve encountered in the class have helped me learn more about the role of terror in America. Terror has shaped America. 1,529 more words