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Dinner Party Prep: Walmart-Flipkart & Karnataka Elections

Wondering if you are up to speed with topics that are likely to pop up at your upcoming party? Here’s a list of things that happened over the last week, that you should know about: 436 more words

Economy Matters

What if the rupee hits 70? Here's how your life will change

What if the rupee hits 70? Rupee sank below the 67 mark today for the first time since February 2017. Experts have been predicting further depreciation. 368 more words


India's rupee is among the three worst performing emerging market currencies

India’s rupee against the US dollar is among the three worst performing currencies in the emerging market pack; the Russian ruble tops the list followed by Brazilian real. 357 more words


जानिये क्यों है हमारी मुद्रा का नाम "रुपया", History of Rupya in Hindi

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आज हमारी जेब में जो रुपया है उसका इतिहास बहुत ही लंबा है, शेर शाह सूरी के शाशन काल हे शुश्रु हुआ रुपया आज तक इस्तेमाल किया जा रहा है रूपये के रूप तबसे लेकर आज तक बदलते रहे है लेकिन रूपये का नाम कभी नहीं बदला है रूपये के इतिहास को विस्तार से जानने के लिए यह वीडियो जरूर देखे 71 more words

Indian e-wallets are gasping for breath

The mood in India’s e-wallet Industry is sombre as firms face a potential loss of up to 80% of their business due to a new regulation. 668 more words

Case for Internationalization of the Indian Rupee

Contributed by: Priyanka Chandran, CFA

The threat to the USD as an international currency in the wake of the financial crisis, emergence of currencies such as the EUR and more recently the RMB which has been accepted in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) basket as a reserve currency raise many questions. 624 more words


Market dive washes away Rs. 4.95 lakh crore investor wealth

New Delhi, Feb 6 The stock exchange dive on Tuesday morning washed away Rs 4.95 lakh crore of financial investor wealth.

As per Moneycontrol, following the ruin, add up to advertise capitalisation of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) recorded organizations dissolved by Rs. 115 more words