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Get Inspired by Kids!

Why do we tell our kids “don’t do this” or “stop asking so many questions” and try to limit our children from exploring their potential? It is a sad truth, that our education system is teaching kids to become followers rather than becoming leaders. 902 more words


A Shameful Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the day President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. Not a shining moment in American history. The year was 1830. 542 more words

The Storyteller's Bracelet

Kline denounces appalling conditions at tribal schools, but change is elusive

U.S. Rep. John Kline told his colleagues on Capitol Hill Wednesday that children should not go to school in a pole barn.

The Minnesota Republican, who chairs the House Education and Workforce Committee, told the panel about… 278 more words



Today, I celebrate.

Twenty-two months ago almost to the day, the eight books I toiled so long and hard to birth went off the market, victims of an unscrupulous publisher who thought nothing of helping herself to my hard-earned royalties (and the royalties of at least thirteen other authors). 512 more words

The Storyteller's Bracelet

The Bully inside us

I watched a video on TED by Monica Lenwinsky  about her personal experience with bullying. What I realized was that, like her, everyday, many children as well as adults go through this traumatizing experience. 520 more words


#LookUp for Life!

There was a time when I was not able to clear my board exams and what was more to add to the chaos was failing in the pre boards exams miserably! 466 more words

Does This Marksheet Make My Brain Look Big?

My favourite thing about the CBSE board exams is that they took place fifteen years ago. But as it turns out, they’re still a thing, with millions of students taking the plunge this week, one and only one question on their minds: How much do I need to score to make aunties and relatives shut up about my future? 699 more words