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Tech: 3D printer making way into schools.

There is this buzz about 3D printers everywhere around you, isn’t there? Everybody seems to be talking about it.  The manufacturing potential of products that are being spoken of, seem limitless. 627 more words


Bullying: It exits! What can you and your child's school do?

A generation earlier, facing a bully or being a bully had been a part of ‘growing up’. When you face the bully it was meant to teach you to be resilient. 898 more words


Our Education System

The general topics of interest for me and my friends are politics, society and career. We usually end up talking about any one of them in every conversation if not insulting each other. 912 more words

Second Home

The Indian schools are synonymous with discipline and discipline is synonymous with child abuse. These cases of child abuse don’t come on the mainstream news channels because a child being beaten in this country is a very normal scene and the right to beat a child comes complementary with the salary of a teacher. 195 more words

Spreading Joy

As a token of their love, care and support, the students of DRS International School gave away a few goodies to the deserving. Among the places they visited was the local  government school where the students interacted with the school principal and understood some of the challenges of the school. 19 more words


Philosophy for Children (P4C) in India

Although India has a rich tradition of philosophy that dates back to 1000 BCE and whose philosophical tapestry boasts such greats as Mahatma Gandhi, Gayatri Spivak and Amartya Sen, philosophy for children remains largely unexplored on the landscape of the Indian education system. 1,043 more words

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