Apni Sagi Behen ko Sea beach me Choda

Hi all….. I am Gopi Manna…Age 28…  Live in Kolkata, West Bengal…. Bengalii hoon. Main apni Jiban ki Sachchi kahani aap logo ke saath share kar raha hoon. 4,071 more words

Bus Me Mili Ghar Pe Chudi

How I met a girl in the college bus and made her feel better, later the feel became feeling and our journey of bus ended up on bed discovering many nasty and beautiful moments of our lives. Continue Read

Indian Sex Stories

The Antic Ant Farmer

Excerpts from CHAPTER EIGHT

He had been sitting motionless when the priest came and shoved him gently. He asked, “What is the matter, my boy?” 2,164 more words


The Red Light Secret

Excerpt from Part Two: Chapter 2

On the dining table, after a brief dinner which was precursor to the extended false romance that was already brewing in the air; we sat together for a moment when she suddenly got and became restless.

2,226 more words

Dark Shades of Love : Excerpt One

She thought of Tara and suddenly a surge of sexual desire overwhelmed her. Tara would not mind he begged a kiss before her and she should not be coy but to be smart enough to react properly. 540 more words


मेरी बहन समूह होली पर गड़बड़

सबसे पहले तो मुझे अप सब लोगों का धन्यवाद देना चाहिए की अप ने किस तरह से मैंने अपनी किशोर ननद को ट्रेन किया ….लेकिन अचानक हम लोगों को वापस आना पड़ा| जैसा की तय हुआ था की होली में जब हम लोग आएंगे तब तक उस का इन्ट्र्कोरस मेरा मतलब है इंटर का कोर्स खत्म हो चुका होगा और वो साल भर के लिए हम लोगों के पास आके रहेगीं जब हम उस की अच्छी तरह कोचिंग करायेंगें|


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