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Fletcher hardware: Since 1906

Is it a hardware store or a museum? If you ask the folks in Stilwell, they’d tell you Fletcher Hardware is a little of both. Step into the store and a time where customers gathered around a wood-burning stove and co-mingled business and socializing. 19 more words


Road trip across America: A stop at Fort Smith

A hard wind buffeted us much of the way across the country as we drove and strengthened again as we left Oklahoma and entered Arkansas. We stopped at… 330 more words

Flourishing Tree

Let's Talk About Lovely County

You won’t find Lovely County, Arkansas anywhere on a map. As a matter of fact, most of what used to be Lovely County, Arkansas lies in Oklahoma. 46 more words


Indian Territory (Oklahoma) & Back Again, 1897

Once again, our guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey (my grandfather) shares a story about traveling to visit relatives in the Indian Territory circa the late 19th Century. 1,200 more words


The Cherokee Nation Joins the Union

February 26, 1863 – The National Council of Cherokee Indians approved resolutions repealing its ordinance of secession, renouncing its support for the Confederacy, declaring new support for the U.S., and abolishing slavery in the Cherokee Nation. 361 more words


Little Black Water

C.J. raised his hands in the universal gesture of surrender.

His body reacted of a volition he couldn’t control. He tried to speak but his throat constricted, squishing every bit of moisture from it to spurt out through his bladder. 580 more words

Tallgrass Prairie Reserve, Oklahoma (October 2017)

The Tallgrass Prairie Reserve, run by The Nature Conservancy, is located near Bartlesville in northern Oklahoma, and is one of the few remaining never-developed areas of tall-grass prairie, which historically covered the eastern great plains (including the states of Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, etc). 163 more words