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A journey home through Texas

There are many moments in this small, enticing novel that showcase its excellence, with one that particularly stands out for me. It’s when a 10-year-old girl is perplexed by windows. 421 more words

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"Early Oklahoma Newspapers", another review

I’m coming at you all with another book review, this time relating to the Ada rodeo only somewhat but still interesting none the less. I chose to read  1,902 more words

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Divisions in the Indian Territory

November 20, 1861 – The war threatened to divide the Native American tribes just as it divided North and South, with Unionist Natives fleeing toward Kansas and Confederate allies of the Five Civilized Tribes in pursuit. 427 more words



People who experienced their very first Frontierado with Balladeer’s Blog this year agreed it was a warm and beautiful experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. Anyway, to meet the demand for more Frontierado items til next year here’s one last neglected Wild West figure.  1,109 more words

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Little Wagon on the Prairie

My son and I have just finished reading Little House on the Prairie together. He was swept up by the tales of frontier life. I adored  479 more words

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Frontier Metropolises: Tel Aviv, Palestine and Tulsa, Indian Territory

The story begins as competition over land, and becomes one of aggressive booster promotion and a careful re-interpreting of the past. Tel Aviv (established 1909) and Tulsa (incorporated 1898) were the centers of Western-style settlement in the areas of Palestine and Indian Territory, before these areas became today’s Israel and Oklahoma. 4,277 more words

భారత భూభాగంలోకి చైనా సైన్యం

భారత భూభాగంలోకి చైనా సైన్యం

భారత దేశంతో దూకుడుగా వ్యవహరించే చైనా సైన్యం కదలికలు మరోసారి ఉద్రిక్తలకు దారితీశాయి. గత మంగళవారం చైనా సైనికులు, జమ్మూకశ్మీర్‌లోని…..….Read More,……