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భారత భూభాగంలోకి చైనా సైన్యం

భారత భూభాగంలోకి చైనా సైన్యం

భారత దేశంతో దూకుడుగా వ్యవహరించే చైనా సైన్యం కదలికలు మరోసారి ఉద్రిక్తలకు దారితీశాయి. గత మంగళవారం చైనా సైనికులు, జమ్మూకశ్మీర్‌లోని…..….Read More,……


Recently, a high school student in Kansas who was banned from flying the Confederate battle flag on his pickup truck. An AP report shows the battle has gotten hotter. 248 more words

Civil War

Three This Land (2016)

1. Your land.
2. My land.
3. All once Indian land.
Details to see-
Regarding that land history.


Albert Pike, from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture

Another Civil War Arkansas entry from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, this one on Confederate General Albert Pike by Dr. Carl Moneyhon of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 2,111 more words


What is a Portrait?

Webster’s dictionary defines it this way:

1. a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person that usually only includes the person’s head and shoulders; 2.a detailed description of something or someone; 3.  249 more words

Photography, Etc.

Grandma's House Isn't The Same

Grandma’s house is the second one from the corner. It’s on Adams Street, which is paved with bricks, located in a small Oklahoma town called Purcell. 570 more words