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Anthropology Friday: Outlaws on Horseback: Henry Starr, Gentleman Bandit

Welcome back to Anthropology Friday. Today we’re finishing up Harry Dago’s Outlaws on Horseback: The Organized Bands of Bank and Train Robbers Who Terrorized the Prairie Towns of Missouri, Kansas, Indian Territory, and Oklahoma for Half a Century. 3,938 more words

Anthropology Friday

I'm re-releasing!

Just wanted to introduce my ‘all new’ Western Trails series: Trail of Hope, Trail of Courage, and Trail of Secrets!

The series is rebranded with new titles, covers, and even a few new excerpts. 386 more words


Gloss Mountains, Oklahoma

The Gloss Mountains (or Glass Mountains) are in north-western Oklahoma, not yet in the panhandle.  Gloss Mountains State Park is conveniently located of Highway 412, which is the major highway through the Oklahoma panhandle into New Mexico (which is how I visited). 161 more words

Pink’s Story (Part 2)

Continued from Pink’s Story (Part 1)

Pink Bruner was serving a life sentence at Leavenworth Penitentiary for the murder of Marshal Hugh Myers in May 1900, though everyone agreed he was not the man who pulled the trigger. 526 more words


Pink’s Story (Part 1)

From Friday until Tuesday night the U.S. Court has been engaged in the trial of Pink Bruner for the killing of Hugh Myers, city marshal of the town of Davis, on May 5, 1900.

458 more words

From Massachusetts Bay to Sutherland Springs, Solomon Batchelor Jackson….

So even when you think you are done, you are never done.  A recent contact from another Jackson descendant suggested that there was a link between our Texas Jacksons and some Massachusetts Jackson’s.  839 more words

Sutherland Springs