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A little bit of oblivion

Ring the bell in the village square; it’s time for the weekend update. I wasn’t on the road long on Friday but I did take someone from Indian Trail to the Amtrak station east of Uptown so it was by no means a lost day. 175 more words

Flashback: Fancy meeting you here

I did some driving today but it was pretty slow and there was nothing of note so instead I’m telling a story from my earlier months. 246 more words

To the Mount We Go

Kyle wasn’t the only one able to get into the mountains on this trip, I got to introduce Rosalie to their beauty, too. Accomanied by my parents and their dog, and Kyle, we took advantage of a beautiful day by going on a hike on the… 80 more words


How One Book Nerd Spent Her Friday Night

What is the best way for a book nerd to spend a Friday night? With her favorite author, of course! 361 more words


BMW 5 Series - Bring her back to life!

We were recently contacted by a customer who had just returned from a deployment in the Middle East. His BMW 5 series had been sitting and he really wanted to make her beautiful again so he could drive and enjoy her. 242 more words

Santa Barbara Path (#18) & Indian Trail (#17): The worst and best

I have to say that Santa Barbara Path is the least scenic I’ve traversed so far, with very little in the way of greenery. It’s also possible that the trail being book-ended as it was by huge waste bins (it must have been trash pick-up day) colored my opinion. 224 more words

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