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How to make vegan mango curry - Kairus [Marathi]

We are familiar with so many curries, of them tomato curry, pumpkin curry , potato curry , etc . But, the curry which I am going to make is the new type of curry . 323 more words

Indian Vegetarian Food

Healthy Breakfast -Oats

In today’s market Oats is easily available in the market. We can make Upma or so many breakfast recipes from it . So many are using it but, they didn’t know what’s its properities? 359 more words

Indian Vegetarian Food

Benefits Of Eating Jowor Roti - Weight loss- A to Z Series 2019

Importance of
Jowar Roti –Weight loss –Fibrous

Today we
are forgetting to eat Jowar Roti. As we need smooth chapatti. Chapatti
can make from wheat flour. 609 more words


Bhojan Recipes - Satvik Bhojan Recipe - Healthy Recipe

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Everyone has the choice to select any type of Bhojan .Generally, we like simple Bhojan as it is healthy , it contains simple Ingredients with proper quality. 485 more words

Indian Vegetarian Food

Tooth Nerve Pain - Causes Ear, Jaws Pain With Inflammation - Health

Reason behind Less hearing?
date 21/4/19

         Today everyone is running towards gadgets. Keeping headphones in the ear, listening continuously songs, watching movies, working on computer creating a lot of health problems. 592 more words

Indian Vegetarian Food

How to make basen cake delicious - #BlogchatterAtoZ

New style cake recipe – delicious

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Basen cake , this cake is very familiar in our area as it is making after marriage of son or daughter . 358 more words

Indian Vegetarian Food