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Paneer Kofta Curry

Kofta means fried dumplings, which can be made of many things like cottage cheese(paneer), potato,lauki or even cabbage.

This is another simple yet delicious recipe. 254 more words

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Pepper Beans

You must have tried pepper chicken or pepper potato, but have you tried pepper beans? Adapted from my mother, this is simple yet delicious dish. Try out this simple recipe. 85 more words

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Dahi Palak Kofta

Tired of Palak Paneer or Paneer Kofta? Try this fusion of both in this yummy recipe.

 Dahi Palak Kofta


Indian Vegetarian

Achari Aloo: Potatoes cooked in Pickling Spices

Food Like A Loving Touch Or A Glimpse Of Divine Power Has The Ability To Comfort…

Let’s say we all have our Comfort foods.I for one crave a simple meal especially after a busy day at work,perhaps when I’m low and even especially after travelling and being away from home for awhile.It also has a lot to do with the kind of flavours one grew up on.I spent a large part of my childhood with my grandparents.My grandmother was a great cook and while meat and fish dishes were a regular  at the dinner table,she cooked a variety of vegetarian meals as well.And yes potatoes were always the family favourite.She would often make potatoes with onions and spices and this was very often made it to our lunch boxes..There are certain flavour’s that linger on and taste just like childhood.Well here is a recipe that reminds me of my grand mom’s cooking,and curiously enough, instantly transports me back  to her kitchen.Well of course food that is linked to childhood nostalgia often brings on a cooking marathon in my kitchen,partly from the incessant desire to revive traditional cooking. 373 more words

Indian Vegetarian

My Amritsar Diaries: The Golden Temple,Street Eats & A Recipe

A vist to The Golden Temple Amritsar had been on my “Must Visit List” for quite many years now,amongst various other destinations in India.We have recently relocated to India for awhile and the hubs and me have been bitten by the weekend travel bug.More specifically the long weekend travel bug,almost as though it is now imperative to have a travel plan in order albeit a short one.This is precicesly what did just last weekend. 1,534 more words

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Paalak Baingan Sabzi (Spinach Eggplant Stir Fry)

My dear readers and followers have been asking me why I don’t post regularly on my blog. My apologies for that I’m less on my blog and more active on my… 272 more words


Almond Paneer Korma

If there is Paneer/ Cottage cheese in the kitchen I’m happy. I find Paneer / Cottage cheese to be such a versatile protein.There are so many ways you can incorporate paneer into your daily food – be it in the Indian breads, salad with hung curd, a curry by itself, a tandoori paneer tikka, a paneer and spinach bake-  the list is endless. 428 more words

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