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Gujarati Trevti Dal

Gujarati Trevti Dal

Finally the house shifting has completed and while there is still some work going on, I managed to find some ‘me’ time and get back to blogging, which I thoroughly missed. 1,003 more words

Indian Vegetarian

Kerala Chicken roast

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” -Shielah Graham Westbrook

Chicken Roast down south specially Kerala – is succulent pieces of chicken marinated and cooked on a slow flame in its own juices. 472 more words


Cook quick

Am I talking too serious? Almost always? Sounding like a Pundit or a Pundit in making?

Then its time to go to kitchen and make something worthier. 11 more words


Brinjal Pickle: Marking Achaar Din for Indian Food Observance Day

Pickling has several  connotations in many parts of the world. Very simply put it means preserving food in brine or a vinegar immersion. We find pickled foods almost everywhere, right from cucumbers, gherkins, kimchi, carrots to even meats and seafood. 516 more words

Curries And More


Sannas is a very popular dish among the Manglorian and Goan Catholic community. This is usually served with an authentic chicken or pork curry. Sannas are fluffy, white rice cakes which resemble idlis, the texture is soft and it’s flavour is very, very pleasant. 371 more words


Aloo Dum-Potatoes seared in Yogurt

Aaloo Dum – Literally, potatoe masala cooked in sealed pan

Whole potatoes marinated with Masala Yogurt & cooked on Dum.  The technique of dum is to seal a the pot with the help of dough, main reason to seal all steam and flavors in the pot.  319 more words


Idli worship

The search for the best idlies ever has been lifelong. From rubbery idlies to rock solid versions, rough grainy idlies that crumble, soggy idlies that come from the bottom of the idly vessel,  I have sampled them all. 326 more words

Food For Life