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As a woman in a marriageable age, you have to be careful and cautious. Here are a few important rules that will help get kick started on your life goal to be a good wife. 588 more words

Foreign Indian Wife VLOG!

Well I’m happy to announce that I am now on YouTube! I hope to take you all on more adventures featuring me, my husband, and our life┬áhere in New Delhi, India. 55 more words


Home is Calling Me

Anyone who knows me, knows I have built my life here in India. But in my heart and soul, I hear the sound of home calling. 233 more words


Why India? Why NOT America?

It’s shocking how many times we have to face this question, and how many different ways it is asked, by people who both mean well and people who do not. 558 more words


Wife is caught trying to murder her mother-in-law with a rock on hidden camera set up by her husband... who is accused of raping her

An Indian woman has been arrested for attempted murder after being caught on a hidden camera brutally assaulting her 70-year-old mother in law. 439 more words

What's FUZZing???

In 2015, India was Busy Watching PORN !!!

If you guys want to know what India was busy doing in 2015, you know it now.

They were busy watching Porn !!!

Pornhub has just come out with its latest Traffic Trends which puts India on the 3rd position of Porn Watchers right below US and UK, beating Canada by a slight margin. 502 more words