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Indian Freshman WR Charged With Most Disgusting, Despicable Crime Ever

Kiante Enis, a freshman wide receiver at Indiana University, has just been dismissed from Indiana Football after he was charged and arrested with child molestation. It took the team less than one hour from the news hitting the wire to the time that he was cut. 109 more words


Scientists create innovative hydrogen fuel “nano-reactor” that could make hydrogen cars much cheaper


Hydrogen fuel cells may have just taken a giant leap forward. Indiana University scientists just announced they’ve managed to create a highly efficient biomaterial that takes in protons and “spits out” hydrogen gas. 263 more words


Indiana University pioneers immersive, interactive video wall based learning

Indiana University’s Media School encourages group brainstorming. The classroom space features a glass whiteboard where students collaborate. They take pictures of their work with their mobile devices and share them wirelessly on an interactive video wall. 144 more words


Why it's hard to get laid at Indiana University

There are 48,514 horny college-aged students (give or take) roaming the grounds of Indiana University — so as a heterosexual female, why is it so hard to get laid? 1,478 more words


Can't Compete With California

If tears were silver dollars

I’d have you to thank for making me a rich man

And if hurting me was your objective

consider yourself accomplished… 156 more words



Kiss an old friend and be glad that he is

Kiss a grandpa and feel those whiskers of his

Kiss a baby and taste its innocence… 61 more words

Don Kenton Henry