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Capture the Gold at Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast

Capture the gold metal service at Songbird Prairie. Tonight February 19th and Tomorrow night February 20 you will be jumping in your sleep like Evan Lysacek did on the ice, at the chance to stay in the Robin Suite for $25.00 off per night. 45 more words

My Favorite Songbirds Singing at Songbird Prairie

En route, I listened to some of my favorite songbirds singing passionately to attract mates.  Scarlet tanagers belting out their rough, two-syllable “chip-burr” notes, and rose-breasted grosbeaks singing sweetly like robins that had taken voice lessons.  185 more words

Where do hummingbirds winter?

Where do hummingbirds winter?

Jim Williams, Special to the Star Tribune

Ruby-throated hummingbird, juvenile male, at geranium flower

As ruby-throated hummingbirds are returning to the state, researchers are learning more about where they spend the other half of the year. 562 more words

The Review Lady visits Songbird Prairie

The Review Lady

Opinions on food and travel from the life of a perfectionist

The Review Lady’s Rating Scale:

1 – Abysmal
2 – Needs Improvement… 991 more words

Report:U.S.bird species declining see songbirds at Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast

Report: U.S. bird species declining

Last update: 9:30 p.m. EDT March 19, 2009

WASHINGTON, Mar 19, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) — From Atlantic beaches to Midwestern prairies and Hawaiian forests, one-third of the 800 U.S. 173 more words

Planting For That Touch Of Beauty Songbirds entertain in plants, shrubs and trees at Songbird Prairie B & B.


America is pet with a avid variety of plants that crapper be used to find our surround more pleasing. 190 more words

Ice, Snow, & Critters, Oh My! Songbird Prairie B & B has many critters to delight you.

Ice, Snow, & Critters, Oh My!

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it’s February already? Winter began right on schedule and we haven’t seen bare ground since the snow began to fall. 969 more words