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Who Are You Really?

Who are you really?

The typical answers won’t do here….such as student, wife, mom, daughter, father, owner, employee, doctor, lawyer, teacher, brother, lover, husband, etc. These are roles we play in the world, but not who we are….who we are is the story we believe about ourselves. 407 more words

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"Attention: Indianapolis Marriage Counseling......It's not just about your parents!"

Our marriage counseling is heavily based on the family systems paradigm. Many of our Indianapolis area married couples who are seeking counseling originally believe that marriage counseling begins with the marital issues.  976 more words

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"Truth about Abandonment" Part II

 “So, what happens next? How does my abandonment work in my marriage?” What happens next is our defenses kick into high gear. As adults, in our relationships, we can feel enraged, jealous, insecure, uncertain, anxious, and then blame something or someone outside of ourselves for our pain. 1,002 more words

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"Is He Worth Therapy?"

Dealing with someone you love who feels distant, uncommitted, and is possibly having an affair can be gut wrenching and painful. The sting of  betrayal, the lousy levels of intimacy, and the all around detachment is the last thing you thought you would end up with, especially when you told yourself you weren’t going to be one of those women “who got walked all over and abandoned.”  You told yourself that you would remain independent, support yourself as best as possible, because you knew all too well the pitfalls of a man who doesn’t REALLY love you. 793 more words

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Pain is good.....

“We were doing pretty good until we came in today.” I hear this from a couple pretty often, who visit me weekly for marital counseling. She has anxiety and perfectionistic tendencies and he enables her controlling tone and anxious decision-making. 684 more words

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“I know he doesn’t care….it doesn’t matter if he says he does!” 

Many times a week, couples will say they are having communication issues. When I probe deeper, asking the question about conflict and how often the couple argues, the answer is usually “Oh, we never fight, I mean we don’t yell or anything, we just have trouble communicating.” Or sometimes the answer is, “I can’t say anything without it turning into a huge argument!”   … 641 more words

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From the Couch

Darla frustrated, says, “Why can’t you hear me?!?!”

Mike responds quietly, “I don’t know….” He is lost, insecure, uncertain of what to do.

Darla: “I just want what I need. 424 more words

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