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A Thick Brush with Genius: On Seeing a Van Gogh

           Some time ago, I decided to take a pilgrimage to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I was a man with a mission.  I wanted to witness a Van Gogh in person. 506 more words


Experiential art

I looked again at Wave Equation. Although the signs instructed visitors not to touch it, it screamed experiential art. Touch me, move through me, experience me. 192 more words


The illusion of light

I peered into the room. I gingerly entered, approached the dark rectangle on the wall. Confused, I turned to leave.

Outside of the room, I read a plaque about an art exhibit. 312 more words


the city i love

if I haven’t mentioned it before, I will say it again for good measure: I LOVE THIS CITY! it has been roughly two and half months since I moved and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. 424 more words

How Much Would You Pay to Visit Your Local Art Museum?

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) is a good art museum, staffed by friendly people and located on beautiful grounds. Some of the employees and interns there are my friends, and I was on a research team that conducted an evaluation study at the museum earlier this year. 1,436 more words


my town got more famous

Long story, short: someone wrote a book set in my city, and then someone else made it into a movie, and then it got really really REALLY popular. 169 more words

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