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Art favorites: Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Water and sky—usually so comforting—are menacing in the context of this painting. Yet in the midst of the metaphorical woes reflected in the dark skies and the roiling waters is calm. 35 more words


Do you have any photographic haunts?

Where do you go for everyday shooting? Do you have some favorite places, places that seldom let you down?

The sprawling grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art used to be that place for me. 429 more words


As we wend our way home from “The Motor City,” we stopped in Indianapolis to see a heap of historic sites, from extensions of our research on The Vagabonds, to the Indy 500, to a presidential home, a capitol, and a fine art museum.  1,928 more words


Art favorites: Concave or Standing Woman

Archipenko’s work speaks to me with its fluidity, simple lines, and use of space. According to Archipenko, “In art the shape of the empty space should be no less important than the meaning of the shape of solid matter.” Like with music where rests inform the music as much as the notes themselves, the empty space in… 22 more words


Photo: Orange and yellow tulip

On the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, April 2015


Art favorites: Vorhor, The Green Wave

The colors in Lacombe’s Vorhor appear different in person, much more vibrant. And the wave really is green.

Perhaps the painting speaks to me because it reminds me of slivers of sandy beaches between rocky cliffs in Northern California, like the trail that opens to McClure’s Beach in Point Reyes. 12 more words


Photo: Yellow iris with spider

On the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, May 21, 2016

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