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Track Review: Bloom - Indifferent Engines

Indifferent Engines is the “almost solo” project of guitarist Adam Bradley-Cooper. Almost solo? you say. Yeah, I had that question at first too, but when I read through the way the band do things I have to say I was both impressed and intrigued. 363 more words


Producer Spotlight #1 Akhordz Productions

I first found Akhordz Productions on facebook. I can’t recall what the post was exactly, but I do remember noticing it was an ad and targeted me dead on. 205 more words


N E W  V I D E O: Nothing On You x Dapa Don feat Heartbreak Mellz 

Dapa Don brought us a dope summertime music video off of FOOD 2. “Nothing on You” is personally one of mt favorites off the album. So, i was looking forward to this video. 48 more words


Auto-tune Culture And How It Has Ruined The Music Industry

Auto-Tune, the revolutionary invention of recent times, it’s saved many an artist from complete vocal embarrassment and dubbed the worst performers “talented.” This is until, they begin to sing live, of course. 518 more words


Being cocky and knowing you’re good is just as important as being humble

This is a sentence that I live by every single day. It’s what drives me.

Some people are definitely going to disagree with this statement, it’s just how statistics works, you are always going to have a critic. 383 more words


Slow Dough Part 1 (400-500)

I’m going to start this off at 400-500 because that’s when I got the idea. Listen to Slow Dough by 50 cent and you’ll understand why I titled this little project the way I did.  255 more words


Auto DM's Suck

The point of this article is not to shit on Auto DM’s but to run through the pro’s and con’s I’ve experience on Twitter so far. 524 more words