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That's Not Harassment


I find it interesting that K. M. Claude accuses their critics of slander when they’re over here accusing us of attacking them for being queer or writing about sex. 39 more words

K. M. Claude

The Raygun Girls Interview: ‘The Harm Anthem,’ Song Lyrics, Guitars And More

Driving electric axe work, a contemporary Goth rock sensibility and impeccable timing describes The Raygun Girls. Twitter followers will tell you how the band effectively reels off “One man metal for the Apocalypse.” After listening to the RG’s latest single, “The Harm Anthem,” chances are you likely will agree. 800 more words

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LISTEN: Kumail Hamid's new EP, 'From You To Blue'

From You To Blue is an extremely thoughtful name, reflecting on both the content and the subtle tone of the album. But there’s still an air of nonchalance about it, the kind that pulls you in. 258 more words

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Short Round releases an album with a collaboration on every track

With Friends Like These is a seven-track indie album by singer-songwriter Jishnu Guha AKA Short Round. Every track aside from the cleverly-named Introvert and Outrovert features other artists, which makes each of them unique while still retaining a common thread throughout the album – Short Round himself, of course. 391 more words

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"Claude lives in Louisiana, probably in New Orleans. They're approximately 23 to 35 years old. No glasses, white, hair is naturally brown. If you see them, run the other way."

Yeah, I think K. M. Claude is 24. According to this old contact page, their last name is Richard. Also, here’s a couple links to some comics they’ve drawn of themself if you want to know what they look like.

K. M. Claude

I Need A Quickie - Volume 8

If you want to be on the next mixtape message:






LISTEN: Electronic artist Jamblu's third release, TDFDTU

If you’re familiar with Peter Cat Recording Co and Begum, but have never heard of Jamblu, the music you’re going to hear will come as a surprise. 418 more words

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