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Music Monday | New Video for Scandi Indie Artist, Nadia Nair + Fresh Single, "Hardships‏"

“Genre-bending” gets thrown around a little too liberally when one or more sounds that normally fit into clean categorizations collide. Some instances, however, genuinely force you to think, “hmmm, that’s odd…not sure I’ve heard this before.”

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Back to Our Nerdy Roots: At Twin Cities Comic Fair, Independent Artists Abound

One need not look further than the recent blaring success of the Marvel franchise to see that comics are more popular than ever in the U.S. 347 more words

Epic and Amazing Writing Music

Thanks to sites like YouTube it’s getting increasingly easy to find new music to listen to. I find it especially great to find music from which to compile writing soundtracks or music to suit a specific scene or character. 385 more words


Music Mondays: Eryn Allen Kane

To say that this is my new favorite song isn’t an understatement. Of course I have a partiality to anyone named Erin especially if it’s with a ‘y’ – they are the unicorns among us. 471 more words


Houston Artist, Adedayo!

As a young artist in the Houston area, Adedayo mixes and masters all of his songs in his own private studio in his house! He also designs artwork, edits music videos and has recently got into producing his own beats. 39 more words


Empire Unplugged-An Introduction

I’ve decided to start a new segment on the site ‘Empire Unplugged‘. Which for the most part will feature upcoming Country, Americana & Roots artists/music from all over the world. 311 more words