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Radio - a review

Radio by Sophia Elaine Hanson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the events of the first book I was excited to see where Hanson and her writing would take us with Radio. 210 more words

Book Reviews

Gairynzvl (of the Dark Fey trilogy, by Cynthia A. Morgan)

Dear readers, tonight with me is a Fey of the Light, captured at a young age and taken to live amongst the Dark Fey – the Reviled. 1,281 more words


Use (or Choose) Your Words (Wisely)

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.”

I’ll admit it. I am (on occasion) a public eavesdropper, but only because people say the most interesting things in public.

525 more words

Spaghetti Head: the perfect summer read

Spaghetti Head is a new novel written by local author, Sarah Tyley. Quirky, funny, sad, it addresses issues of modern womanhood, environmental devastation and the impact of technological advances on our freedom, relationships and mental health – … 1,350 more words

Life In The Dordogne

Fanged Series

Title & Author: Fanged (Book One) & Fanged Outcast (Book Two), Elisabeth Wheatley

Genre & Publication Date: YA Paranormal, Nov. 26, 2013 (bk 1), Dec. 552 more words

Self Published Book

A Lesson on Agents

A while back, when I was sending out query letters for Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet, I sent about six letters before I realized I hadn’t been changing the name of the agent. 424 more words

Writer's Woes

Writer Habits: Burnt Out

I know everyone is different and I shouldn’t feel bad about being a little burnt out on blogging and writing after doing it 5 days a week consistently for only three weeks. 506 more words