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As I’m editing Demons and Kings (Book 2 in the Hartland series), I’ve noticed something in my writing, which irritates the holy living hell out of me. 130 more words

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Immortal Peace by Tyler S. Harris - 5/5

Title: Immortal Peace

Author: Tyler S. Harris


“It is difficult to imagine a story about zombies, vampires, or aliens that has not already been told many times over. 484 more words

Years Of Refusal, it's FREE!

YEARS OF REFUSAL my first book of poetry is 100% free for the next four days. It would mean the world if you guys downloaded your copy. 142 more words


I Have Not Forgotten

It may seem at such and it may put some into a quandry.  “Has she returned?”  “Is she like a phoenix rising anew to become a bigger, better version of herself?” 225 more words


Part One

Araiah woke abruptly and cursed. Her pager bleeped insistently from the bedside table and she fumbled in the semi-darkness to retrieve it without disturbing the mess of files and mostly-empty coffee cups. 3,215 more words


Lochru eyed the snow on the precipice above them with the unease of a man used to lower altitudes. Despite the layers of sheepskin lashed around his feet and hands, the chill was unbearable. 1,164 more words