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Rock the Vote!

It’s almost time…

As you all know – or maybe you didn’t, but now you do – BloodMarked and BloodLoss were BOTH nominated for Metamorph Publishing’s  79 more words

Indie Author

New Website Coming Very Soon!

Hello fellow readers!  Can you believe it’s nearly September already?  Labor Day is nearly upon us.  We’re watching Summer pass us by and we’re heading into Fall again.   207 more words

Solitaire Parke

So Many Eyes

​So many eyes around the room

Each one looking at what we do

What is right

What is wrong

Let them speak

Let me know… 58 more words


Dear 'Zon... Just no.

I spent fifteen hours yesterday working over Contract Taken until the editing was done. Only to realize the whole thing was corrupted and I had to basically start over. 202 more words

Fantasy Art Wednesday

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing!

This ancient forest looks as though it could come alive at any moment, doesn’t it? 94 more words

Allison D. Reid


Although we are still six months away before the stork delivers our little bundle of joy…

Let the multitasking begin!

Now here’s one you’ve probably never heard before. 214 more words

Ernesto San Giacomo

Part Thirty Nine

Araiah groaned. Groaning made the back of her head throb harder, so she groaned again.

“Welcome back.”

She risked opening her eyes. A vague blur resolved itself into Wil’s face, then further into the rest of Wil. 7,928 more words

Araiah Walker