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Fail better.

As I watch the U.S. Open, I’m reminded of Samuel Beckett’s insight from “Westward Ho” every time I see a medium shot of (now) finalist Stan Wawrinka. 913 more words


Rough Waters by the Shore

This morning I sat on the side of my bed pondering my fate. Most mornings I utter some form of gratitude for seeing another day when so many others don’t. 809 more words

Growing Up Can Wait

I experience a very healthy respect for life’s unpredictability each time I think of my brother and how turbulent his job search has been. For more than five years, he went from job to school to complete unemployment to whatever job he could earn cash out of, no matter that it had nothing to do with all the things he’d studied and mastered. 504 more words


Gaijin Carnivores Review 2

Episode 2 – Friendly Fire

Watching this episode now right before I wrote this, I realize it was a bit of a clusterfuck, editing-wise. It’s funny how I was willing to overlook things back then. 681 more words


The Chef's Table Dish with Director Abby Fuller - Just Shoot It #34

Documentarian Abby Fuller joins the Just Shoot It conversation to reveal how she got started in documentary, how she finds story in unlikely places, and how she got her dream job directing for the hit Netflix series, Chef’s Table. 144 more words


First Look: "Devil's Advocate"

The film is shot, the footage is in virtual chunks across my editing suite, and it looks like I will meet my Friday/Saturday self-imposed deadline. Huzzah! 145 more words

Hi, I'm a self-indulgent hypocrite

There might be a little bit of hyperbole in that title, but not much.

I’ve been busier so far this year with creative/artsy stuff than I have been in my whole life up until now, and I have to say it’s been pretty cool. 932 more words