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Stages of a Movie Production...

Watching movies is one thing… anyone can be a critic, but that doesn’t always mean that they know what they’re talking about (unless they have a degree in film)… but, making a movie is a whole other thing. 698 more words

Random Thoughts

Meet My New Body...

Okay, so it’s not really “new,” and it’s not my body, though as an aside, it would be cool if we could have alternate bodies/”sleeves” to port into like on… 265 more words

Shooting with the Saints

On March 24th, we had the pleasure of shooting in a lovely little church in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. If you ever need a church location for a photo or video shoot, this is definitely a place you will want to check out. 18 more words


So I have a dolly for my camera. It’s one of those “Glide Gear” systems they sell on ebay. It’s pretty nice for the relatively inexpensive price. 379 more words

How to Make a Movie with a Smartphone and a Broken Pair of Headphones


  1. Gather Resources
    1. Props
    2. People
    3. Places
    4. Equipment
    5. Events
  2. Write the Script
    1. Write from the materials gathered
    2. Create a Storyboard
    3. Create a Shot list for each scene…
  3. 666 more words
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