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The Drum Maker - a documentary film

A documentary is like a baby. You plant the seed and nurture it till it is born. For my latest film “The Drum Maker” the birthday is October 15th, 2017. 284 more words

Book Marketing - Do-It-Yourself Book Trailers

ATLANTA – Written by M.L. Childs

For many years, film advertisers have enticed us with movie trailers.  They seem to know how to juxtapose the right scenes together in a very theatrical sequence that leaves us wanting more.  1,042 more words

Writer's Advice

How to Add Authenticity to Your Period Film

I love period films! They take us back in time, reminding us of our personal past or introducing us to worlds we’ve never experienced. Period films can connect with audiences in a way that contemporary movies can’t. 539 more words

Behind The Scenes


We’ve spent six days watching a man in a clown mask kill people. No, we weren’t taking part in a brutal murder, we were working on an indie horror film, Clownface. 3,636 more words


The Most Annoying Things You Can Do When Using Social Media For Your Film

Social media is an incredible tool to help connect you to your film’s audience. But there are great ways of using it, and other social media habits that are…not so great. 1,163 more words

Independent Film

Identifying Newsworthy Elements of Your Indie Film

So, you have an amazing film and you want everyone to see it- of course! And while social media is the most immediate way of connecting with your audience, chances are you’re going to want to secure some reviews, features and interviews as well. 781 more words

Independent Film

HEARTS WANT in the press – only hours left on Kickstarter

Ok here’s the last Kickstarter post you’ll see here… Y’know what, whatever happens I’ll be so relieved when it’s done. If you think it’s tough making a film, well, try launching a Kickstarter campaign ;) 453 more words

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