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Drones and Filmmaking

You’ve all seen them in the news, on store shelves, maybe even in your neighborhood. Some of you probably own them, but the practical application of using drone based cameras in filmmaking is getting better, easier, and more affordable every day. 74 more words


Sound Design: "Queen"

Around about a year ago I was fortunate enough to do grip work for a friend’s production, “Queen.” I had brushed past my friend Blair in the hallway of the university “studios.” He was frantically talking to someone on the phone and gestured me excitedly to wait. 191 more words

Travis Rademacher

We're Getting A Blog Makeover!

The Film Sprites PR blog is getting a makeover! Nothing drastic, just a few content nips and tucks, as well as brand new updated information to keep you abreast of changes in the social media marketing and PR world. 23 more words


"Paterson," A Wonder of a Film


Written and Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Amazon Studios

Rated: R


In the 80’s, Director Jim Jarmusch’s ironical, whimsical, quirky, and funny films such as “Down By Law” and “Mystery Train” felt like revelations of something truly new and Indie filmmaking’s essence. 698 more words

Directing for a first time

It’s well-established that the majority of directors and writers in the film industry are men. In fact, for the 700 top-grossing films in 2014, only 13% of directors were women.  189 more words

Indie Filmmaking

The intersection of film and politics

Last week was eventful, to say the least. Now that The Donald is President-elect, protests have cropped up all along the country. Not even a small city like San Luis is safe from the drama. 213 more words

Indie Filmmaking

Shooting on location for a film

Certain Women is one of the most atmospheric indie films I’ve seen this year. Taking place in rural Montana, there are many shots of the wide open landscape that seem to come from a larger budget. 246 more words

Indie Filmmaking