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Directing for a first time

It’s well-established that the majority of directors and writers in the film industry are men. In fact, for the 700 top-grossing films in 2014, only 13% of directors were women.  189 more words

Indie Filmmaking

The intersection of film and politics

Last week was eventful, to say the least. Now that The Donald is President-elect, protests have cropped up all along the country. Not even a small city like San Luis is safe from the drama. 213 more words

Indie Filmmaking

Shooting on location for a film

Certain Women is one of the most atmospheric indie films I’ve seen this year. Taking place in rural Montana, there are many shots of the wide open landscape that seem to come from a larger budget. 246 more words

Indie Filmmaking

Smelly Coat of Desperation

An inspiring talk from filmmaker Ava DuVernay during the Film Independent Forum about a revolutionary idea that pushed her towards success. One thing Ava said that struck was the term of “smelly coat of desperation”. 301 more words


The struggles of indie filmmaking

Of course, there are going to be all sorts of problems when producing films with no budget, relative to the budgets for films that are handed out from big-time studios. 258 more words

Indie Filmmaking

Fail better.

As I watch the U.S. Open, I’m reminded of Samuel Beckett’s insight from “Westward Ho” every time I see a medium shot of (now) finalist Stan Wawrinka. 913 more words


Rough Waters by the Shore

This morning I sat on the side of my bed pondering my fate. Most mornings I utter some form of gratitude for seeing another day when so many others don’t. 809 more words