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Turtle Sprint: You can save turtles in a game AND real life!

Help baby sea turtles as they hatch and make their way to the ocean. Beware the hungry predators waiting for a tasty turtle snack! Speed and navigation are key factors to success as these defenseless hatchlings rely on you for their survival. 69 more words


There's hope somewhere down the long and winding road of indie game development

I’m at the point when optimism has dwindled and the path that once presented itself to be that of hope has become daunting and uncertain. 260 more words


The " Trader", Shop Menus and Real Life Issues

We don’t get to work on our game as often as desired, and as such we must celebrate the any progress that we make. The last place we left off was with our prototype class code named the “Trader”. 481 more words


Welcome To The Beginning...

Hi all! We want to welcome you to our humble developer journal, aka command center. In the following days we will start filling this blog with the following information and content: 121 more words

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SJ progress

Hello friendly people, I wanted to talk a bit about my progress on Scout’s Journey.

I’m currently continuing traditional art practice, both on paper and using pixels. 275 more words

Distractions. Distractions everywhere!

Honestly, I feel like I probably could have got the alpha version of my game out about a week ago. But ya know what? I keep getting distracted.I could literally be in the middle of coding and just open up Firefox and then browse Twitter for half an hour, then go on Reddit and last but not least, spend a while watching Netflix. 76 more words

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The Start of a New Journey

I have always wanted to be an indie game dev. Or at least a game dev in general. I mean I have created small little games that you spend playing for 2 or 3 minutes then forget about in your “Other” folder that will later contain a few gigabytes of porn. 123 more words

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