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Interview with RunGunJumpGun's Music, Sound and Story Designer Jordan Bloemen

On the last day of PAX West 2016, I had some time before the day started. I was walking past the booth for a company I’d never heard of called Gambitious and I saw it, on the biggest, loudest TV screen possible. 1,474 more words

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Interview with GoNNER's Designer Mattias "D!TTØ" Dittrich

The first time I heard about GoNNER was when indie developer Rami Ismail tweeted out a picture with a shirt he was wearing that had the game’s logo on it. 1,282 more words

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Law of Gamedesign!

A comprehensive list of universal laws that apply to the art and science of video game design.  Observe:

Law of Completion: Once you have built the final exe and test it, you will find out that you have overlooked one crucial element and have to fix and build it again. 492 more words


NVIDIA Launching Indie Spotlight Program!

NVIDIA is a big player in the PC gaming field, and now they are starting something that benefits the little guy! The idea of this… 215 more words


Terrain Generation with AGFPro 3.0 (3D Terrain)

A video clip of world/terrain generation with AGFPRO 3.0. I previously created a scene with AGFPRO’s Voxel DLC terrain tool then used the default terrain tool to add more terrain as shown in the video.

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My indie game development setup! (updated)

I am currently creating a new indie game from scratch using only #opensource application and my imagination.

COMPUTER: Toshiba Satellite A8 laptop (AMD A8-6410 CPU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics × 4, 4GB DDR3L memory / 750GB Hard Drive). 421 more words

2d Art

Indie Games Part 3: Honey Bee

Today I’m introducing to you a new, fun puzzle game called Honey Bee. The cute game is made by Pelangi games and once again, an interview with the game’s creator will be attached to the end of this article. 1,495 more words