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Untitled Project - Dev Log 01 - Start to Now

Oh, snap!  My first post in my dev log (about the actual development of my current project anyway).  Considering I’ve never read a development log/blog before nor am I a social creature by any means that knows how to communicate with other humans, I guess we should just jump right on in since I have no idea what I’m doing! 1,739 more words

Fuse Cc

Hello, World!

We’re just a couple of peeps who love playing video games… and we want to take a stab at making our own. Our name is an obvious play off of the phrase ‘For The Win’. 59 more words

Indie Games

Indie Mocap is live!

Usually, I post my weekly updates on Monday. Turns out, last week was not very interesting. But what IS interesting is that one of my pet projects has finally come to fruition! 126 more words

Winter-Themed Game

Winter-Themed Mobile Game

I’ve been developing this android game for awhile now and I like the progress I’ve made so far. It’ll be a winter-themed avoidance game which tests ones players’ hand-eye coordination. 18 more words

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Why You're Failing [Theory]

If you want the TL;DR version of this article, read only the words in bold and look at the pictures.

If you’re a game developer at any level, I’m sure you’re aware of the following scenario (I will be using the analogy of a brick wall to explain building a game) 762 more words

Text Tutorials

Turtle Sprint: You can save turtles in a game AND real life!

Help baby sea turtles as they hatch and make their way to the ocean. Beware the hungry predators waiting for a tasty turtle snack! Speed and navigation are key factors to success as these defenseless hatchlings rely on you for their survival. 69 more words


There's hope somewhere down the long and winding road of indie game development

I’m at the point when optimism has dwindled and the path that once presented itself to be that of hope has become daunting and uncertain. 260 more words