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Screenshots of Episode 2 of Legend of The Vampire Queen : Bedroom

Look at these fangtastic Screenshots from Episode 2 of Legend of the Vampire Queen :) Its The Bedroom :) Enjoy :)

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Dev Diary IX

This “Game Dev Diary” tackles a slightly different topic than the others I have written, insofar as it is not concerned with the specifics of my game and progress on it, but a more personal dilemma. 1,032 more words

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Dev Diary III

On my holiday this year, I went to Anglesey and we ended up in a place called Parys Mountain. It was an old disused copper mine. 729 more words

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Interview with Unworthy Designer Aleks Kuzmanovic

Aleks Kuzmanovic has been working on his debut title Unworthy over two and a half years now. He’s (hopefully) a couple months away from release and isn’t sure if leaving his civil engineering job to pursue his passion for game development full time will be viable. 4,070 more words

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Near End of Month REPORT

It’s been a very interesting few couple of weeks on the Youtube Channel. The tutorials I’ve been planning have done fairly well and even helped folks (which I really enjoy).  219 more words

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Cabin (After Christmas) Screenshots

Look how the cabin looks now after all this time c; doesnt it look nice and fangtastic c;

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New Year and New Moves!

To all my readers, a Belated  

and  !

I hope you were able to enjoy your time with loved ones and good food with great gifts/parties. 121 more words

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