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The Impending Future Ahead....

Hello everyone, QueenGamerVampires here part of The LOTVQ Team!

I’m here to tell you about a very important Update and regarding our games coming (That’s long overdue) we are sorry for that, 448 more words

Legend Of The Vampire Queen

Wrath of the Vampire Queen Episode 1 - Blood Moon Curse (Exclusive Social Media Screenshot)

Time to build Some hype for the Next Build that Razorhog444 Fans Will be getting! #IndieGameDev #indiedev #indiegame #Gamedev #indieHorror

Legend Of The Vampire Queen

Outside the Mining Town and a new Productivity App!

This is a peek at the LAST external Map of the Project. This is BurrowWide Mines, full of unknown riches and a sinister secret. Eventing this was so much fun and I hope you enjoy it! 96 more words

Game Development

Grand City COMPLETE!

Just finished map design for the Biggest Map in the game–Grand City! This is where your can buy goods, meet other Makers and most importantly: fight in the Mele Arena!! 12 more words

Game Development

At the IndieCade: Hazelnut Bastille

One of my PERSONAL GAMES of Interest this year! If you love dungeon-crawling with SNES-style graphics, this is the game for you!


Game Development

To build a village...

Just finished up my map of Kaire Village! I make a few changes here and there, but so far it looks pretty good and I feel like I’m making good progress towards a demo by Early Fall! 7 more words

Game Development

Building a House with SAND!

After about a week of work, I remodeled an old desert map with a revamped, homemade tileset! PLUS: I’m currently workng on the final touches on the major external tileset sets. 9 more words

Game Development