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Rain fire upon your enemies!!

In my last post : Who doesn’t love a game with choices? I explained the skill talents advancement and how they would make every player play their own way. 310 more words

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Screenshots From Wrath 2 and Legends 2 :)

From the Nightmare Level In Legend of The Vampire Queen Episode 2:

From Vamp’s Old House in Wrath OF The Vampire Queen Episode 2

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Who doesn't love a game with choices?

Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices…

In the first post ever made on Guardian of Lore I explained how the choices you make in each level, shape the story the level was based on. 388 more words

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Eclipsed - The Tale of Two Lovers In A Dark And Ever Changing World

Eclipsed is an Adventure platform game that has a pretty awesome art style. The game takes place in a dark dark world that has these lamp post thingies which provide some light. 554 more words


Where have I been and New Alpha 1.2 Update!

It’s been a crazy couple months! I’ve been dealing with sick family members and a low cash flow at the moment (if you’d like to help… 257 more words

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Side projects, the forbidden fruit of Indie Game Developers

Hi everybody!!

First a quick Update on Guardian of Lore

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Patreon or even here, then you must have realized we are working non stop to move forward with Guardian of Lore. 714 more words

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The creative process behind G.O.L.

Is anyone else getting tired of having zombies everywhere?

How about Pegasus, Vamps or everything else… even if you are not tired of this, you must recognize that they stopped being original a long while ago. 703 more words

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