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Your special TGIF package!

This week on total Nerd, we are joined by Don Thatcher from Imagos Softworks & Films who gives us an inside look into Starr Mazer, Inspirations, Dreams and total greatness of the game. 239 more words


Achievement Unlocked

It is fvckin fantastic to achieve your goals, el7mdellah. I set out to start up Hybrid Humans studio, and I did that. I officially have a studio space in downtown Abu Dhabi, it was such a terrifying and exciting thing to do. 208 more words

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Dev Blog: v1.5 is out! Added Survival Mode

Well it’s been around 6 weeks since my last update. Not only just because it took 15 days to release this update. The game underneath has had a massive overhaul, and there are lots of cool new features and integration like Game Centre for storing and checking survival mode scores. 171 more words

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Testing.. 1, 2

I’m a long-time art model who’s learning 2D & 3D art & design along with other creative outlets in life.. many photo galleries on my site which also has links to my current projects. 22 more words


Interview an Indie - Adam Walker

Indie games/developers can be very relatable and personable, giving many gamers the feeling of having a type of “ownership” which simply can’t be obtained with much bigger AAA developers. 2,428 more words

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