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Creature Profile – The Fire Lizard

You look at this dog sized lizard and you would be correct to be afraid. These creatures are called Fire Lizards, mostly because of their bright red skin. 132 more words

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Move or Die Headed to Consoles Next Year

One of the nice surprises from 2016 will soon be making the shift to consoles, as Romanian studio Three Awesome Guys are hard at work at bringing their multiplayer party venture  215 more words


You're So Vane...

Strange landscapes. Hidden mysteries. Sand … lots of sand. Like Journey but with a darker tale to tell, Vane looks like a game worth keeping an eye on as developers Friend & Foe put the finishing touches to their debut title for PS4. 173 more words


Dungeon Souls Has Crept Out of Early Access

Rougelike dungeon crawler Dungeon Souls has come out from the untold darkness … I mean, Steam Early Access … to become a fully fledged release on Steam. 111 more words


Creature Profile - The Stalker

The stalker is your classic brainless, relentless, stone cold killing machine. An Insect at its core, It will attack anything it sees and take it out to feed off. 108 more words

Indie Game

Her Majesty's Spiffing!

I’ve recently been doing some bits and bobs for a website called Xbox Sector–mainly opinion articles, much like on my own blog, but I also write news articles and more recently: reviews. 1,279 more words


Learning through Simulation: Environmental Impact

Games are a source of fun and entertainment, but can games be used for more than just simple enjoyment? “Serious” games try to have a greater purpose other than entertainment. 1,015 more words