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Hinterland - Now Available for Download

I’ve posted about my RPG Maker game Hinterland before, but today I’m excited to announce it’s now available as a free download here: http://gamejolt.com/games/hinterland/94720

Special thanks to everyone in the RPG Maker community and at rpgmaker.net, rpgmakerweb, guelstie, freesound, pixabay, /r/rpgmaker, and wikimedia commons. 48 more words

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Review | SOUL GAMBLER, devilishly engaging

Gnarled like ancient paper. That’s what she looked like, bent nearly double at the waist with age, eyes sunken but still fiendishly alive. And she had, for me, the deal of a lifetime.

1,487 more words
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The Perfect Shape, Part One: Why Super Hexagon is the Most Flawless Game Ever

In our age of PS5s, Dreamcasts and LeapFrog tablets, can a game really be flawless? Certainly games have come close, Grand Theft Auto V for example, but with many big games these days being rushed out with a plague of tecnhical problems and design missteps, that goal of absolute perfection is seeming harder and harder to achieve. 906 more words


Mechanix Gaming Reviews - The Infinite Perils of Eyeball Shaun

Gerad is a wolf man. With him, freshly loaded onto a PSVita system, is the cynical and sentient virus, Mecha. Perhaps one day their transmitted video reviews will bridge the gap between humankind, wolf people and machines? 47 more words


Indie Playlist: Her Story

From the creative mind that bought you Silent Hill: Shattered Dimensions (Sam Barlow) comes the harrowing telling of ‘Her Story’. Blurring the lines between interactive story and game, the narrative never fails to deliver a tasty dose of intrigue. 35 more words


Soma! You Can Run, But You Can't Fight.

Wait, what do you mean that I can’t attack these monsters? You’re telling me that I can only run or hide? 

What happened to everyone? What is going on down here? 523 more words

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Pumped BMX+ Review [PS4]

There have actually been quite a few “extreme” sports games on the PS4 already, such as the OlliOlli, Trials Fusion, and various others that I probably haven’t played yet. 687 more words

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