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How to Make Your First Game

For just about every gamer there is in the world, there are about a half a hundred game ideas just waiting to be tapped into. If I had a dime for every time that I’ve heard one, I think I’d be rich enough to provide every cent that Rockstar needed to make… 924 more words


Cabin (After Christmas) Screenshots

Look how the cabin looks now after all this time c; doesnt it look nice and fangtastic c;

Indie Game

Kingdom New Lands - Switch Review

Kingdom New Lands is by no means a new game but since I have recently been playing it on the Switch I was reminded how simple systems can lead to a really fun game that is perfect for a handheld system. 638 more words


Baseball Riot is Launching for Nintendo Switch on January 19th

The last of 10tons catalog of games finally makes it to Nintendo Switch in the form of Baseball Riot. If you’ve played Tennis in the Face and wish you had more games like it, Baseball Riot is for you. 68 more words

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Pinstripe (2017) Video Game Review

For a story about Hell to be effective, it has to be personal. It can be easy to go with recognizable imagery when crafting a hellscape; horned demons, bedeviled inhabitants, and a Satanic overlord that does all he can to stop the protagonist. 226 more words


Back into the swing of it with Human: Fall Flat

I’ll admit, I have neglected this blog when I got myself a full time job. The purpose of this blog is to keep me on track with my passion when life tries to get in the way. 391 more words


Dungeon Souls Revisit

I made a Dungeon Souls review in 2017 and it was long-winded. So I felt like coming back to this game

Dungeon Souls puts the player through a number of unique dungeons to remove the curse, and the core placed in the dungeon. 697 more words

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