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This War of Mine: The Little Ones Review - An Emotional Survival War Sim [PS4]

This War of Mine: The Little Ones is a very emotional game and one that might be very different from anything you’ve ever played. The game deals with the hardships of wartime survival, but instead of from the usual soldiers point of view, this game focuses on the innocent lives that are usually caught in the middle of war. 854 more words

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Interview with Alien Merchant

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a while due to school and life but do not think I forgot about you gamers. While I was away I have been staying up to date on the latest games and news. 2,381 more words


Firewatch Review Roundup

Firewatch released today and was met with good reviews.

IGN: 9.3/10 “Firewatch is among the best of the so-called “walking simulators” thanks to impeccable writing, gorgeous art direction, and stellar voice acting.” 328 more words

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I Play 35 Minutes of Nom Nom Galaxy on PS4 [Video]

Nom Nom Galaxy is the newest game from PIxelJunk on the PS4. You play as an Astroworker for the company Soup Co. and must explore remote planets in search of exotic ingredients. 175 more words

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Bosses: a brief summation

Hi wizards and sorceresses,

long time no see!

My collegue Luca is on the otherside of the planet to follow a main project for his company, and my third kid has born in Dicember, so we’re quite busy but nonetheless we’re still working hard on Wizards of Unica! 448 more words

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Full KLAUS Green Levels (Ducts Floor) Walkthrough Plus End on PS4 [Video]

These new “green” levels, aka the Ducts Floor is much different from the first set of “red” levels. After defeating the last boss, K1, he now joins you on your adventure and accompanies Klaus in these new set of challenges. 563 more words

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Leap of Fate

Project Background : Clever-Plays Studio
Genre : Rogue-lite, Hack and Slash, Twin-Stick Shooter
Duration :  October 2014 to February 2016
Team Members : Variable. (Around 4 to 6 core team members at all time) 169 more words