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The hair in the wall...

What is that…hair in the wall…I can’t stop thinking about it…

A Exclusive Video OF Wrath OF The Vampire Queen Episode 1: Blood Moon Curse By Razorhog444!

Razorhog444 Made a Video of Our Game Wrath of Vampire Queen Episode 1: Blood Moon on His Channel! We gave it exclusively to him. So Please give him love and go check out his video which will be right here >>>   Please Enjoy The Exclusive Beta Demo Video on His Channel!

Legend Of The Vampire Queen

At the IndieCade: Hazelnut Bastille

One of my PERSONAL GAMES of Interest this year! If you love dungeon-crawling with SNES-style graphics, this is the game for you!


Game Development

Extended Thoughts - GONNER

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I went back to read my early impressions of Gonner for the Nintendo Switch, and I did not like the piece that I published. 885 more words


To build a village...

Just finished up my map of Kaire Village! I make a few changes here and there, but so far it looks pretty good and I feel like I’m making good progress towards a demo by Early Fall! 7 more words

Game Development

Upcoming techBytes.io Alien Adventure Video Game Release Promo Images

Images from my upcoming 2D comic book video game release. This is an alien adventure detective-style maze game that will be released for both mobile and desktop platforms.