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Inside Review: Is it any Good?

Inside is the second game from indie game studio PlayDead Games, the game stars a young boy going through the worst possible situations and areas in order to keep going right.

Game Review

Game Development: The Adventures of Monkey King (Pre-Alpha)

Ah, it’s been awhile since I posted! I’ve been so caught up with other projects that I neglected this blog of mine. Anyways, I am currently making a video game project called The Adventures of Monkey King. 1,308 more words

Game Development

Now in its Last Week on Kickstarter: Dungeon of Zaar, Fast-Paced Tactical PVP Combat

Dungeon of Zaar is a tactical PVP game in the same vein of titles like Hearthstone. It aims for quick matches accessible to veterans and new players alike, featuring a range of unit types and items to ensure no two matches are the same. 296 more words


Tanner Reviews Layers of Fear

2016 has been a weird year when it comes to video games and certainly not in a good way. While the holiday season is quickly approaching, the majority of this year can be summed up as a bunch of Triple A let downs and a slew of decent indie games. 894 more words


Let’s talk mods

Violent Sol World continues to ask the question, “Can we mod this?” We started out this project with every intention of making all things, from creatures to items to biomes, modable. 444 more words