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Splasher: Proper Belting Arcadey 2D Platformer With Ink

It took about 10 minutes for us to realise this is going to be one of our favourite games of the year. The joyous and hugely engaging indie romp from French devs Splashteam is just brilliant from the get-go and it… 231 more words


Super Meat Boy: Ultra-Difficult Indie Legend With a Lot of Red

Due to a brilliant indie game called Splasher we’re reviewing in an hour, we’re taking a jolly look at this 2010 title from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes – as part of Team Meat. 349 more words


Hollow Knight - Into the Void

For a whole year I was wrapped in a dark platformer game that I never thought I’d get through. With danger at every turn, many times I felt I wanted to give up, but what drove me forward was the desire unlock the secrets of Hallownest. 1,699 more words

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She Dreams Elsewhere impression: Surrealism, Anxiety, and Representation

“Why aren’t there any black women in JRPGs?”

It’s not a question I’ve asked myself in recent years, but I definitely remember pondering this when I was younger. 915 more words


Bugborne: Hollow Knight’s Souls-ness Tuckers Me Out

I got a bone to pick
with Hollow Knight.

It’s an ant-sized
bone, though – so small that it has no bearing on the fact that I can’t stop… 1,184 more words

On the Paint Table - AoS Gitz, Immortal Kings Mecha and more!

I’m joined this week by special guest Christian, up for some Age of Sigmar as we present a dual ‘What we painted this week’!

Check out Immortal Kings HERE: http://IK-Minis.com

Guerrilla Miniature Games

The Playdate: Another Celebration of the Age of Proprietary Gaming

The Playdate — a specialty handheld system which software and game publisher Panic just announced, looks pretty neat I guess. I’m not really sure how ambitious the company is with this thing, but looking at it also makes me think about all the other retro-style specialty hardware out there and wonder if I’m nostalgic for that old hardware at all. 626 more words