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Cry? Chump's Poinsettia

The indie rock hip-hop hybrid, Why?, released Mumps, Etc. as their fourth studio album on Anticon Records in 2012 and Cincinnati rejoiced. I was instantly infatuated with Mumps, but I did not warm up to Why? 353 more words

"Bodies (pt. 1)" w/ lyrics

We’re the objects of everyone else’s attention, assumptions, resentment, consumption / and the subjects of our own compulsive obsession to make sure we’re perfect or somethin’ / look at us: we’re disgusted by fundamental functions even though everybody does them /then commodify the self/every one is something else: an other, a wife, or a husband… 545 more words

Jm Blackfriend


Hey guys! Today is music day on my blog! I’m going to be talking about:

  • New music
  • Throwback jam of the week
  • My opinion on the music of today…
  • 36 more words