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Just a P.O.S

Rhymesayers does a good job of grabbing creative individuals and letting them stay creative on their label. P.O.S is one of those individuals. A Minnesota rapper who spends a lot of time with his collective Doomtree, but still pumps out great solo work. 27 more words


Today I would like to share a track from Blueprint and his work with Rhymesayers. Blueprint has been a cornerstone in indie Hip Hop since he came out of Ohio. 53 more words

Podcast Episode 3: Back for the 1st Time

After a short hiatus, the OnTheHeir podcast is back! Click HERE to listen or HERE to download


Aesop Rock not A$AP

Aesop Rock is one my favorite rappers, he a liberator of language more than anything. His flows have gotten incredible throughout his career and his production qualities have started to shine, and it all came to a beautiful head on his solo album Skelethon. 26 more words

I know but have you heard him rhyme tho!

It didn’t take long for me to find Brother Ali. His voice and style is classic hip hop like Adidas shell toes. As an introduction to Brother Ali I share a live performance of Forrest Whitaker, a track that is all about loving yourself for who you are. 15 more words

Step kids!

I was so excited when Rhymesayers announced that they were signing Evidence and then they announced a solo project (cats and dogs) and a Dilated Peoples project but what was something special here was the Step Brothers Album and I share one their songs today, don’t worry Peoples and Evidence solo stuff will come up later! 19 more words