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Illsamar 'Misunderstood' Feat. Carl Fontaine

With a hook that would rile up any listener, Los Angeles-based artist, Illsamar, follows up the somberness of “twenty twenty” with another collaboration, this time focusing on the stray from the mundane norm and outside clamor. 183 more words

Los Angeles

Stream/Download Ka5sh's Big Pink Loser

Even though Ka5sh is known as twitter’s prime memester, the worst thing you can ever do is look at Ka5sh’s music like it is nothing serious. 272 more words

Indie Hip Hop

Stream LORD FEL!X'S "You Should've Killed Me When You Had The Chance (feat. Clyde Black) [prod. Wonderlust]"

Just as soon as the chopped up and nimble xylophone lulls you into a false sense of ease, the visor-sporting up-and-comer LORD FEL!X spits to the sound of a bass bomb going off. 57 more words

Stream/Download They Hate Change's "A.M. Radio (103)"

“I guess it’s about time we came back, huh?”

Between the last time you heard Vonne and Andre spit and now, they were all doing various other ventures. 90 more words

Stream/Download Cunabear's Ursine Valor

The first burst of fire outside of his lighter should be akin to the steady yet bombastic rimshot kicking off a parade. This meaning that those who are just getting into cunabear will discover a heady trip into the mind of a man that is soundtracked by classic Jazz records and delivered like he was taken over part time by the soul of Busdriver. 164 more words

Indie Hip Hop

Watch CRASHprez's "The Rise of Crashius Clay"

Even though conscious, pro-black rappers have always existed before #BlackLivesMatter, it feels like there is a new generation who has seen what their last generation had seen, and they are more interested in protecting anything that is helpful towards the black community, such as hip hop. 174 more words

Stream/Download Curta's End of Future Park

That the two things Curta mentioned in the description of their dystopic opus End of Future Park is the disappearance of DIY venues and the Government seems telling. 236 more words