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Album Review: Mr. Lif - Don't Look Down

by Dustin


Mr. Lif, one of the earliest members of the now defunct Definitive Jux record label, has been on somewhat of a hiatus… His last solo release came way back in 2009, but the time is finally right for his return to hip-hop. 545 more words


Album Review: Flatbush Zombies – 3001: A Laced Odyssey

by Dustin


This review is late. So very late. It would have felt wrong to ignore this album, though, so here we go…

3001: A Laced Odyssey… 798 more words


DP$ by JustinnWavvez |Music Mondays (indie)

For todays music Monday, I wanted to shed light on this indie artist whose music video was sent to me. DP$ was a wonderfully shot video that not only looks good aesthetically but feels quite immersive with the lyric effects throughout the video.

75 more words
Indigo Indie

How Hip-Hop Helped Me Deal with Mental Illness

by Dustin

I’d like to discuss something that I’ve only ever told the closest people in my life – I struggle with mental illness. I knew something was wrong since my early teens, but I didn’t admit it to myself (and seek formal diagnosis) until I was in my first year of university. 897 more words


Apu Rambles: I Just Sold Out

by Apu

So I was on Twitter a little while ago, and I saw Tech N9ne tweet out one of those “instead of a picture, I’ll post a screenshot of words” Instagram posts, because I guess fuck the ability to use something like TwitLonger or something. 2,091 more words


A Letter From The Editor

It takes lots of talent to do what you guys do on a daily basis. Not many people can dedicate their lives to smoking weed and watching TV, that is a fact. 240 more words


Artist of the Month: Open Mike Eagle

by Dustin

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home wishing you had music in your library that you could really relate with? Not just emotionally, but also in terms of the small day to day things you want to tell people, but don’t because you’re afraid of boring your friends with another complaint about your kids smearing pasta into the couch? 656 more words