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Curvy Metalhead Show Exclusive- Dino From The Pests

Dino from The Pests was such a blast to have on the show! Learn more on the program why he is who is and why the band decided to get back together and more! 51 more words

Turn To Stone- by Lynne Taylor Donovan

Not for sure if turning to ‘stone’ is a metaphor but after listening to this song I’ve never wanted to turn into a Statue more. Great upbeat tempo and vocals, with a nice rhythm attached from the background with the instruments, if you’re a fan of music in general I couldn’t see how you wouldn’t like listening to this song.

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Breezy Interviews Tee Swain

Tyshawn Drell Swain-McKinney Better Known As Tee Swain (born June 28, 1991) is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Born and raised “Out West”. Tee started his rap career off as the “man behind the scenes” until his cousin (Will) encouraged him to start BETTAEnt (Later change to BETTAMusicGroup)  to keep Tyshawn’s younger brother Loso Bangz focused.  867 more words