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FilthyBroke Recordings' Michael J. Collins Speaks on Respect, Running a Label, and Life in the Indie Scene

by Dustin

When a seasoned veteran of the music scene is willing to open up about their experiences, it’s generally wise to open your ears. Those who have committed to the indie scene grind their whole life have a wealth of stories, knowledge, and warnings for those who wish to follow the same path. 5,630 more words

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New Rome arrives "Somewhere"

New Rome is a solo project from Tomasz Bednarczyk. His new album entitled “Somewhere” comes out on January 30 2017 via Instant Classic label.

“Somewhere” consists of 10 instrumental tracks that may be labelled under “ambient” but in all honesty it’s more of a full-blown ambient deconstruction reminiscent of Tim Hecker’s sonic experiments. 382 more words

Cirque Colors Madder

While I wait for one of my nails to grow out (because I can’t file the other nails that short, and I want them all the same length) I’m showing some swatches that I have saved on my phone. 74 more words


Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

After seeing Anne wear this polish the other day I felt like I hade to wear it too!

Cupcake Polish – Berry Good Looking

Berry good… 126 more words


New release - unexpected bowtie: TOKYO

Today we have another release to add to our roster, with TOKYO from unexpected bowtie.

Written while on long international plane and train journeys, this is music inspired by the lights and movement of globe-trotting; a lingering salute to the people that make up some of the greatest cities in the world. 49 more words


Rony Black introduces a new song for his listeners called “She Needs Me”, produced by Caleb Sarikey and mixed and mastered by yours truly Rony Black. 91 more words

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