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Review: Untied (2017)

In what seems to be a developing tradition here on MovieBabble, here’s another spotlight on a short film created by aspiring filmmakers.  The film, distributed by ID Production Studios, is entitled “Untied.”  As with my review of another short film, The Story of 90 Coins (you can read my full review by… 976 more words


Review: The Story of 90 Coins (2015)

Independent film is a major proving ground for new waves of talent to hit Hollywood and all other hubs of film and performance around the world.   1,149 more words



This Nawazuddin starrer in the beginning looks like a euphemistic portrayal of tawdry events drawn together. Initially, the movie looks like marvelous pieces of Lego taken together so as to form an absurd looking flimsy tower, but as it proceeds it goes on to become quite sturdy in foundation and statuesque in nature. 651 more words

Have Cheetah,Will View #19 - "Taken By Grace"

It’s 3:24 pm
Still transferring my film reviews from the other site. This was my first review of a “Christian” film. Since then I have reviewed one other title since and you can read it here  604 more words


Join the Invasion (of the Not Quite Dead)

Writer/Director, Antony Lane has been fighting for the past decade to bring his cinematic vision of an old school, no CGI, not quite zombie movie to life.  92 more words


Have Cheetah,Will Review #14 - "Death Valley"

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Still transferring reviews over. I posted this review on 18 March 16. Hope you new readers will enjoy it!

It’s 11:45 pm… 672 more words


Best Of Netflix: Indie Movies

Indie films don’t have the same promotional budget and regular theatre showings as regular movies so you may have missed out on some real gems! The beauty of indie films for me is that they tend to be realistic, beautifully shot, have great soundtracks, and full of important dialogue. 1,065 more words