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Checking In - Looking back with Kalpna #6 in a limited series

Almost a year ago an ambitious independent film project was screened for the first time to an enthusiastic audience. Checking In has gone on to be featured in film festivals across the world and won… 355 more words


Top Ten Best Netflix Indie Movies

Okay, I feel excessively guilty for bashing Netflix indie movies yesterday. Because I love Netflix indie movies. So today I will make restitution in the form of giving you a list of the top ten best indie movies I have found on Netflix. 1,523 more words

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Barefoot - Movie Review

This movie was beautiful and definitely worth watching. It follows a man who is a failure, owes money because of gambling, and ends up having to do community service as a janitor at a psychiatric hospital because he gets in trouble. 143 more words

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“Sleep is the enemy”

So types insomniac aspiring writer Bill, played indelibly and incredibly by indefatigable indie-horror actor Bill Oberst Jr in Coyote. Insomnia, and the physical and psychological effects thereof, has been mined in films as diverse as Taxi Driver, The Machinist, Fight Club, Bringing out the Dead, and of course Insomnia. 434 more words

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Oh, Hey There!

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Sunset Strip - Movie Review

This movie was a very laid back way of showing the lives of multiple fictional musicians, artists, creative people during one 24 hour period during the 70s in L.A. 125 more words

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Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

Frank Capra said, “There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.” Roger Corman is never dull, probably because he has a maxim of his own: “the monster should kill somebody fairly early, then at regular intervals.” 235 more words

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