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The Little Hours Review

Based on the collection of novellas, The Decameron, by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, The Little Hours is an outrageous raunchy comedy that follows a young man who takes refuge in a convent in an effort to escape his master. 647 more words


MINI MOVIE REVIEW: "Tom and Francie" (2005)

According to IMDB, Tom and Francie “follows the creation of a new children’s tv show, “Accepting Everyone Through Music,” while pursuing the real reason behind the untimely cancellation of “The Flower Shop,” in 1986.” It’s a direct-to-video mockumentary in the style of “Where Are They Now?” mashed up with Tom and Francie’s attempt to recepature the old magic, as they were. 240 more words

Scotvalkyrie Is A Grade-A Goofball

Battle of the Sexes

Another movie that I saw recently was Battle of the Sexes, which I really enjoyed. It revolves around Emma Stone, who plays Billie Jean King, and Steve Carrell, who plays Bobby Riggs. 285 more words


Top 5 Movie Obsessions of the Day - October 4, 2017

How about an Indie Film Top 5 today? I am a huge fan of Indie Films so coming up with a Top 5 is near impossible so this will be a Top 5 we revisit often here at Movies for Insomniacs, as we will with a few other favorite move genres. 1,228 more words


Bakit Dalawang Beses Ko Inulit Panoorin Ang Pelikulang ‘Kita Kita’

Lakas man maka-corny aminin, pero dalawang beses ko inulit panoorin ang ‘Kita Kita’. Eh kasi nga… 459 more words

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for Music Monday

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘s Original Soundtrack includes memorable songs by both Indie and Classic Artists, and an incredible Score by Jon Brion. The Music is not something you will forget easily, nor want wiped from your memory. 239 more words

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Faith Flix Picks - 5 Recommended Movies For Couples to Enjoy Together

I love romance movies, chick flicks, and sappy dramas. But I realize that those are not first choice on my husband’s watch list. He wants something with a little action, or comedy, or cool cars. 553 more words