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"Los actores americanos no están acostumbrados a que los dirijan", entrevista con JC Falcón, director de People You May Know

JC Falcón acaba de terminar su película People You May Know y ya está pensando en proyectos de futuro. “Yo nunca tuve sueños Hollywoodianos”, nos explica el director nacido en Gran Canaria desde Los Ángeles, ciudad a la que llegó hace tres años para probar suerte lejos de la crisis económica que se vive en España. 2,474 more words


Indie Movies

I’m having a lovely day today, are you? Knowing that my weekday hours will be very limited with start of my new job, I decided to visit a little-known art museum just six miles from my home. 526 more words

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Indie Movies of July

Another month, another indie movie(s).

The Wolfpack

In the hustle of New York City, the Angulo family live their quiet lives on the sixth floor of an apartment building. 386 more words


“En Estados Unidos, la gente está entrenada para reconocer talento” entrevista con Elisa Lleras, co-fundadora y productora ejecutiva de La Panda

Cuando los once integrantes de La Panda se conocieron en Los Ángeles en 2011, nunca se imaginaron que años después una de las películas producidas por su empresa ganaría un Goya y estaría a punto de estrenarse en las salas de Estados Unidos. 2,362 more words



Dream interpretation is a lot of bunk. Still, the vagaries surrounding why we dream and what they’re all about make for interesting horror source material. … 359 more words


Anatomy of an Indie Crisis

Netflix is my best friend. In fact, since Netflix has come into my life I’ve completely lost the will to maintain real friendships.

Long ago (way back when Netflix first started to get popular and I jumped on the Netflix bandwagon), I not only had access to the digital collection, but I could get DVD’s sent to my doorstep for one low monthly price. 788 more words

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley

“Wayne taped, photographed and recorded everything.” There you go. A thorough way to explain away all that found footage.

But let’s be fair here: while the found footage genre occupies a dank basement when it comes to how we rank our genres  326 more words

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