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3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Review

If I was going to subtitle this review I would say 3 Billboards: Voyeurism in 2017 Film. What I mean by voyeurism is the sense of glee we feel in watching the pain or difficulties of another person. 875 more words

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Faisal Hashmi: Independent Filmmaker

Award-winning UAE-based independent filmmaker, Faisal Hashmi, is a self-taught, confident and multi-talented young individual whose short film ‘Perfect Living’ screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in May 2011. 1,700 more words


Mike McNamara, Exec Director of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, Resigns

by Legendary Lew

Mike McNamara, Executive Director of The Midwest Independent Film Festival (MIFF), resigned today, less than a week before the organization’s upcoming fest in Chicago. 309 more words


Screening Room: '11/8/16'

Remember Election Day last year? Feel like living through it all again? If you have the constitution for it, check out the new documentary 11/8/16… 95 more words

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The Little Hours Review

Based on the collection of novellas, The Decameron, by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, The Little Hours is an outrageous raunchy comedy that follows a young man who takes refuge in a convent in an effort to escape his master. 647 more words


MINI MOVIE REVIEW: "Tom and Francie" (2005)

According to IMDB, Tom and Francie “follows the creation of a new children’s tv show, “Accepting Everyone Through Music,” while pursuing the real reason behind the untimely cancellation of “The Flower Shop,” in 1986.” It’s a direct-to-video mockumentary in the style of “Where Are They Now?” mashed up with Tom and Francie’s attempt to recepature the old magic, as they were. 240 more words

Scotvalkyrie Is A Grade-A Goofball

Battle of the Sexes

Another movie that I saw recently was Battle of the Sexes, which I really enjoyed. It revolves around Emma Stone, who plays Billie Jean King, and Steve Carrell, who plays Bobby Riggs. 285 more words