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Moonlight Review: A Rare and Shining Example Of Confident and Powerful Filmmaking

Indie cinema has been the powerhouse in recent years when it comes to the most daring and gripping cinema if you ask me. The sheer volume of newcomers to the world of directing and writing have proven to be worth our while when the sequels and remakes end up being just too much. 477 more words


Thoughts: Under the Radar Movies to Watch Out for in 2017

We all know about the major blockbusters coming out this year (Star Wars, Justice League, Wonder Woman, etc.), but what about some movies that may not be on the tips of everyone’s tongues? 1,134 more words


2016 Has Been Sh**, But At Least Indie Films Are Staying Alive and Strong

A big round of applause for indie films taking charge of a year that has seen more celebrity deaths since the plot of This Is The End… 464 more words


Short Review: 20th Century Women

I can imagine what a negative review of 20th Century Women would say. I can imagine someone making the argument that the movie is nothing but a male fantasy about the awesomeness of women, and about how three generations of strong females turn a young boy into a man. 430 more words


Why "Passengers" Would Have Made a Great Indie Movie (*SPOILERS)

Major spoilers for Passengers in this post! If you plan to see it, don’t read this yet!

Yesterday I saw the movie Passengers. It looked like a popcorn sci-fi flick about two people (Chris Pratt’s Jim and Jennifer Lawrence’s Aurora) who awake from hibernation sleep on a 120-year ride to a new planet. 884 more words


Best movies of 2016

I didn’t see a lot of movies this year. mostly just big productions that made it to the local theatre and what I managed to see at… 1,230 more words

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Review: Moonlight

As we immerse ourselves further into the award season, here’s another movie that is deserving to be featured in the Oscars, Moonlight!  The following review will be spoiler free.   901 more words