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Checklist for New Authors

Indie Thursday is back! I’ve met a lot of authors lately who are starting out on their publishing adventure, so thought it would be a good idea to create a checklist (rather than saying the same things over and over again). 3,496 more words

Indie Publishing

Moving my books to IngramSpark. So. Much. Fun.

If you’ve been following my blogs about going wide, I’ve been filling you in on what a pain the butt it’s been to move stuff over. 2,185 more words


"The Uexpected Hero" (Part 3)

Assuming that you have read Parts 1 and 2, please continue … and enjoy!

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Odessa landed on the ground a short distance away from the fox and started limping. 1,193 more words

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"The Unexpected Hero" (Part 2)

Presuming that you have read Part 1 – please proceed and enjoy!

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They made their way over to the trees and, while Dewey was checking out various scents on the ground, Odessa was flying around looking for mice. 747 more words

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Plotting vs. Pantsing (or Maybe Plotting *and* Pantsing?)

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been outlining of late.

Don’t tell the World Association of Pantsers. They’ll have me excommunicated. Or maybe they’ll throw a sheet over my head, toss me into the back of a van, and drive me to the set of  551 more words

The ripple effect in marketing

Years ago, there was a popular commercial for either shampoo or hair dye. The woman in the commercial was so happy with the product she said, “You’ll tell two friends about it, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on.” Meanwhile, the image of the woman kept doubling and doubling until there were a couple dozen images on the screen. 455 more words

"The Unexpected Hero" (Part 1)

“The Odessa Chronicles” was my introduction to writing fiction. The first thing that I noticed about our fictional characters, was that they would take the proposed story-line in a different direction to that originally planned. 650 more words

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