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Flashbulb Flashback: The Bottled Magic of Dreamy Soundz // (7.11.12)

{Updates: http://www.dreamyliferecords.com/ , http://dreamysoundz.bandcamp.com/}

There was a period in our aural history when technology and art danced; opinions vary as they always do. Most would agree that the 60s represent a hey day for audio engineering, some see that era stretching into the 70s, then there are purists who think this era goes no further than 1967. 807 more words


Are Google and YouTube poised to screw over indie recording artists?

YouTube is launching a new music video subscription service and artists who don’t agree to their terms may be left out in the cold.

YouTube’s decision to remove indie labels for subscription service isn’t just wrong, it’s, honestly, stupid.

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