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The Absence – An Interview with the Martin Stiff

The power of Twitter transcends boundaries. I first discovered ‘The Absence’ by Martin Stiff (@martinstiff) via someone I follow, unfortunately I can’t remember who as I really need to thank them. 2,552 more words


REVIEW - Party Hard (PC)

Party Hard
Developer: Pinokl Games

Publisher: tinyBuild
Platform(s): PC (via Steam)
Release Date: August 25th 2015
Website: http://tinybuild.com/partyhard

Party Hard is a curious title in a number of ways; it’s curious in that its developer, Pinokl Games, who had previously only worked on family-friendly mobile titles, have decided to create a game about cold-blooded massacre. 1,631 more words


Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey Review: Yoga Game

Real Talk By: KJ

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey (XO, PS4) is brought to you by Grandé Games.  Players will take the lead character through 10 levels of platforming/yoga madness. 352 more words


INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Einherjar Chronicles

Einherjar Chronicles is a turn-based strategy game with gameplay similar to the beloved Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics series that have sparked the genre on handheld consoles. 157 more words


INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Trial by Viking

Trial by Viking mixes some of the best elements of action platforming and dungeon crawling into a game that explores the distant worlds of the Norse gods. 871 more words

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INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Expert Rifleman - Reloaded

Expert Rifleman is the first 3D ballistics simulator available to the general consumer. 429 more words

Game Spotlight

INDIE SPOTLIGHT: One Way Heroics Plus

One Way Heroics is a cross between JRPG and roguelike, the result of developer Smoking WOLF’s desire to make a sidescrolling RPG. Now One Way Heroics has an expansion, … 263 more words