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Sunless Sea

Welcome back everyone. Today we’re reviewing Sunless Sea by Failbetter Games, which exited Early Access just this February. In it, you play a captain working out of Fallen London (yes, the same as featured in the browser game of the same name), daring to venture out into the Unterzee in search of… well, that’s up to you, really. 622 more words

Indie Spotlight

Hand Of Fate- A Card-based Roguelike

Welcome back, everyone. Today we’re covering Hand of Fate, by Defiant Development. Hand of Fate left Early Access just this February, something that caught my attention. 626 more words

Indie Spotlight

Vertical Drop Heroes HD- A Roguelike involving... well, a vertical drop

Welcome back. We’re covering another Roguelike today, namely Vertical Drop Heroes by Nerdook Productions and Digerati Productions and Marketing. The premise is such- choose a randomly generated hero and proceed down into a dungeon. 561 more words

Indie Spotlight

Work in Adobe Finally Improving

So in my Youtube project I finally gotten a very basic grasp on the basic cropping and stretching functions which I am kinda surprised took me this long to get. 261 more words


Review: 'The Duke of Burgundy'

Director Peter Strickland is a very textual storyteller. His breakthrough 2012 film, Berberian Sound Studio, employed an unnerving sound-scape to communicate the slow fissures of a lonely film engineer working on an Italian… 656 more words


Indie spotlight: color-me frog

As you may have noticed while reading Memories of Shibuya, we often focus on the songwriters – those crafting pop songs from behind the scenes – far more than the singers themselves. 590 more words


Indie Horror Director Spotlight: Eric Stanze

Welcome to our latest Indie Director spotlight.  This time we interview Eric Stanze – the director of the cult indie film Savage Harvest (1994), the experimental horror odyssey Ice from the Sun (1999), the brutal Scrapbook (2000), the epic ghost story Deadwood Park (2007), and the blood-splattered crime thriller Ratline (2011). 936 more words