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Indie Spotlight: Aaron C. Cross

Aaron C. Cross reached out to me recently. While fantasy and science-fiction are my general coverage, my love of thrillers, Metal Gear Solid, and nanomachine memes brought his work to my attention. 1,671 more words


Indie Spotlight on Fantasy Author Patricia Bossano

Patricia Bossano’s Faerie Legacy Series blends fantasy with realism, inviting young adult and adult readers to explore the powerful magic within. Wander into Faerie and meet the heroines in the 200-year saga of a hybrid faery-human family. 572 more words


Indie Spotlight: K.S. Villoso

Continuing my indie spotlight of r/fantasy, the following author is a local favorite and one I wanted to interview for quite some time. K.S. Villoso is a seasoned indie writer with a full blown trilogy, another in the making, and a standalone on the horizon. 2,048 more words


Indie Spotlight on Non-Fiction Author, David Kadavy

You can feel it. You know you have something to offer the world. Something nobody else has. But how do you find the courage to make it real? 985 more words


Indie Spotlight: Andrew Rowe

Continuing my spotlight of r/fantasy resident writers and well known indie authors in a particular sphere of the fantasy scene, my next guest is an interesting fellow. 3,661 more words


Interview/Indie Spotlight: Darrell Drake

This is my first interview in a while, and it’s one I’ve been looking forward to. Darrell Drake is a resident writer/contributor of the r/fantasy community and a self-published author. 2,063 more words


Indie Spotlight: The Redeeming - Dir. Brian Barnes (2018)

Though October is usually the month of the horror film, Southend-On-Sea choose to honour the genre in the truly dark and upsetting month that is January. 323 more words

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